Hacks To Mend And Avoid Split Ends

Hacks To Mend And Avoid Split Ends


Healthy and lustrous manes are an important aspect of your overall appearance and self-image. However, maintaining your hair health while preventing any hair woes is certainly a hassle, especially when it comes to avoiding certain common and recurring hair problems like split ends. These persistent and stubborn split ends are doubtlessly the bane of your healthy manes. Not only do these treacherous split ends impacts your appearance by making your manes look unkempt and damaged but also affects your self-confidence. A study published by the International Journal of Trichology explains that split ends are one of the undesirable signs of damaged hair. The study further elaborates that the daily grind caused during hair rinsing and combing tends to wear off your hair cuticle, thus causing split ends. What’s more, another study confirms that the development of split ends is also influenced by genetics, improper hair care routine, heat treatments etc. 


  • Identify scalp type
  • Include champi sessions
  • Avoid hot showers
  • Dry hair gently
  • Use a wide-tooth comb
  • Avoid heating tools
  • Get regular trimming


Hacks To Mend And Avoid Split Ends

1. Identify scalp type

Understanding your scalp and hair type while identifying its concerns helps in making beneficial changes in your hair care routine. This hair care practice helps in curbing any hair woes while also preventing any susceptible damage like split ends, hair loss etc. Furthermore, top trichologists highly suggest including this hair care step in your weekly regimen. The best way to identify your scalp and hair is by closely observing it after a day of washing.

2. Include champi sessions

Are you in a habit of pampering yourself with a champi session every now and then? Many hair specialists state that regular hot oil treatments are a crucial part of any hair care regimen, despite the scalp and hair type you have. A research study presented in the National Institute of Health confirms that including a champi session along with scalp exercises shields your hair from any friction or damage. As a result, it helps in maintaining the health and lustre of your manes. 

3. Avoid hot showers

Much to your dismay, hot showers not only demolishes your skin’s health but also your hair and scalp health. A study conducted in the early months of 2017 explains that the hot showers damage your manes by allowing your hair cuticles to swell. This further results in making your hair strands prone to split ends and hair fall. The study suggests using cold to normal water, mainly when it comes to hair rinsing. Cold water closes the outer layer of your manes i.e. cuticle, thereby helping you achieve healthy and nourished tresses

4. Dry hair gently

Damp hair is extremely fragile and prone to breakage and split ends. As a consequence, your damp manes require utmost care and pamper. Gently pat your scalp and manes using a soft cotton t-short or towel to dry your manes, instead of vigorously rubbing them. Doing so will help in obtaining smooth manes while preventing unwanted tangles and hair knots.

5. Use a wide-tooth comb

Using a wide-tooth comb is by far one of the best ways to detangle any hair type without causing damage. A comb with wide bristles helps in distributing the natural oil present on your scalp to the tips of your manes, thus lending healthy and nourished tresses. Moreover, the wide-tooth comb helps in styling your manes without provoking friction or frizziness. 

6. Avoid heating tools

Using heating tools like curling irons, blow dryers etc., helps in obtaining the desired look. However, the adverse effects that these hair tools bring along in the form of split ends, excessive hair loss etc., are clearly unappealing. The experts explain that heating tools damage the protein present in your hair strands and follicles, thus causing thermal damage. Many hair specialists recommend air drying your manes instead of using heating tools to avoid recurring split ends, excessive hair shedding and much more. 

7. Get regular trimming

Regular hair trimming is an essential hair care step to maintain healthy and appealing manes. Numerous hair experts unfold that frequent hair trimming is the best way to get rid of existing split ends or damaged hair. In addition, regular trimming promotes and elevates your hair growth cycle, hence delivering long tresses. 


Hacks To Mend And Avoid Split Ends 

You can easily avoid split ends and various other hair woes by using these easy hair care tips and tricks. Remember, neglecting your scalp and hair concerns will only result in more damage. In case, you do not notice any improvement in your hair condition, then it is imperative to consult a trichologist. Doing so will help you attain a personalized line of treatment while diagnosing any underlying factor leading to split ends. 


It is imperative to acknowledge various benefits that a hair mask brings along. As a matter of fact, many hair specialists recommend including a hair mask in your weekly hair care regimen. A hair mask suitable for your scalp and hair type delivers optimum nourishment and hydration to your manes. In addition, the protective layer of hair mask helps in combating and preventing various hair ailments such as split ends, damaged hair etc. On this ground, we would advise you to pamper yourself and your manes with a hair mask at least once a week. 



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