How to Get Rid of Split Ends

How to Get Rid of Split Ends

As the name suggests, split ends are the splitting of ends of the hair strands. The medical name of split ends is Trichoptilosis. They are the biggest enemy of hair and can spoil the quality of your hair. They generally occur when you have dry and brittle hair. The reason why they are caused is that of excessive heat or exposure to dry weather. Another important reason is the excessive use of chemical compounds. Have a look at certain ways to get rid of split ends.



Solutions to get rid of split ends

1.    Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

If you wish to get rid of split ends, make sure that while shampooing, you focus on your hair ends so that they are not left dry. Moreover, you must condition the ends of your hair properly so that they are given proper nourishment to recover. You must use a microfiber towel that would be soft enough to handle your hard ends. Make sure you use dermatologically tested products which have clinically proven actives.



2.    Go to a Salon

Never try to cut your hair by yourself using blunt scissors as doing so will, however, make you think that you have done a great job by removing all the split ends but probably, you are not aware that you have given birth to more split ends. Cutting with blunt scissors gives birth to shafts which will open up the moment you comb your hair. Therefore, you must go to a salon to get your hair cut and make sure that you cut it 1½ inches above the split ends.

3.    Moisturise Properly

Since split ends occur due to dryness in hair, you must try to focus on moisturising your hair properly by oiling, conditioning and applying the serum. You can also follow DIY home remedies for dry hair and split ends to nourish and moisturise your hair. Moisturising your hair at least once a week will help you.

4.    Silicone-Free Hair Conditioner

Another way of providing moisture to your hair is by applying a silicone-free hair conditioner at least 3 times a month. It will help in repairing the damaged hair and restoring healthy hair. Apply the conditioner and let your hair absorb its nutrients for some time and then rinse with cold water. Do not rinse roughly as it will take away the moisture which has just settled.

5.    Avoid Using Hot Tools and Chemical Treatments

Using hot styling tools like straightener or curler may make you look very beautiful for some time but you must be aware that it is damaging your hair very badly. Hot tools suck all the moisture from your hair strands making them dull, dry, and rough and are therefore one of the reasons for split ends. Same is the case with chemical treatments. Therefore, it is advised to avoid heating or chemical treatments on your hair. If you have to use a heating tool in unavoidable circumstances then you must use a protective spray before heating.

6.    Pillow Covers

If you wish to get rid of split ends, you must use silk or satin pillow covers. However, cotton and linen pillow covers are more affordable but they make your hair harsh and worse than they currently are and are therefore one of the reasons for split ends.

7.    Oiling

Weekly oiling can do wonders for your hair quality. Nourishing your hair with oils like olive, argon, jojoba, tea tree, almond, and of course not to mention, coconut oil will give your hair a healthy, shiny, and lustrous look.

Early the Care, Safer the Hair

Split ends can make your hair look damaged and unmanaged. They will give an unhealthy look to your hair so it is always better to try to stop it in its early stage. 

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