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Mild sulphate free shampoos for hairfall and dandruff.

Sulfate Free Shampoos for Hair Fall and Dandruff

Like your skin, your scalp too needs regular cleansing to remove the build-up of dead skin and clean any sebum production. The volume and density of your hair trap more harmful pollutants than your facial skin. The oils and sweat secreted from the hair follicles also accumulate on your scalp over time. This leads to various scalp infections and can easily be prevented by using the best shampoos for hairfall as well as the best shampoos for dandruff.

Why Should You Use sulfate Free Shampoos?

sulfates are harmful chemical compounds that are essentially used in laundry detergents and cleaning agents. Their main purpose in beauty products is to produce lather and increase the shelf life of the product. They do not add any beneficial value to the product, instead, have a damaging effect on your skin and hair. They strip your hair of natural oils and leave it feeling dull, dry, and brittle. Every time you scout for a new hair cleanser, ensure that you pick a mild sulfate-free shampoo in India. They will work great even as an anti-dandruff shampoo and leave your hair feeling refreshed and healthy.

Beneficial properties

The best shampoo for dandruff and hairfall will have the following properties and be beneficial to you in several ways:

The best anti dandruff shampoo will effectively clean your scalp.

  • It will remove any existing product buildup from the scalp.
  • It will cure fungal scalp infections
  • It will eliminate itchiness and prevent dry, flaky skin
  • It will remove greasiness from the scalp

The best hair fall control shampoo will foremost prevent hair fall

  • It will also strengthen the root and hair follicles
  • It will nourish and hydrate the scalp and keep it moisturized
  • It will promote the growth of new hair by rejuvenating hair follicles

Overdoing any process can ruin it. Hence, refrain from washing your hair every other day. Comb your hair twice a day to distribute the natural oils all through your strands and prevent sebum build in the scalp. Also, keep your hair tied up when you are going out to avoid tangling and dust accumulation.

Best Dermatological products by Re’equil

At Re’equil, we take your skincare and haircare very seriously. We understand the pain of exploring all possible ventures but not finding the right product to rid your woes. This is why we seek out dermatologists to prepare our product range and approve it only after several stages of clinical testing.

Our sulfate free dandruff shampoo and the hair fall control shampoo is enriched with Indian Cress, Watercress, and other botanical extracts. It also contains Biotin, Hydrolyzed wheat proteins, and Vitamins B3, B5, and B7 for hair fall prevention and hair growth. The combo bundles are a complete hair care revival package for you.

Regain your luscious locks with Re’equil’s reliable hair and skin care product range!

1-Does anti Hairfall shampoo work?

Hair Fall is a natural process that is necessary in order for new hair to grow. Hair fall control shampoo aims at regulating this process and preventing sudden fallouts. They work in three steps:

  • Strengthen hair roots
  • Reduce hair breakage
  • Increase hair thickness

shampoos also contain growth ingredients that help rejuvenate your hair follicles to promote hair growth. They also have nourishing nutrients that improve the overall quality and texture of your locks.

2-What is the best shampoo for itchy scalp and dandruff?

For itchy scalp and dandruff, you should use a shampoo that contains refreshing ingredients and botanical extracts. The best anti dandruff shampoo will regulate sebum production, prevent flaky skin and leave your hair nourished. It will rid you of any itchiness or redness in the scalp and also prevent hair fall.

3-Should I wash my hair everyday if I have dandruff?

It is essential to keep your scalp clean to prevent fungal infections and itchiness due to dead skin. Oily or dry scalps are prone to dandruff and are accompanied by flaky skin. Accumulated dandruff leads to scratching, which in turn damages the hair follicles and leads to hair loss. To avoid this, you should clean your scalp with the best shampoo for dandruff and hair fall regularly. If you suffer from severe dandruff, wash your hair thrice a week, or every alternate day at the maximum. Under no circumstance should you wash your hair every day, even with a mild shampoo. The chemicals in the shampoo will build upon your scalp and also deprive your hair of moisture. Buy shampoos online that do not contain sulfates or parabens."