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Best Deep Cleansing Face Wash

The start of any skincare routine is a good face cleaning product that removes oil, sweat, makeup, and other toxins from your skin. Cleaning your face first thing in the morning and before bed at night is important to maintain the health of your skin. Picking the best cleanser for your face involves understanding your skin’s types and needs and choosing the right ingredients. Keep reading to learn more about how to find the perfect face cleanser and the best ingredients for each skin type.

How to Pick The Right Face Wash For Your Skin?

An individual’s skin care regime has to be catered to their skin types and needs. Even the best cleanser for the face will do more harm than good if it is not catered to your skin type. Here is how you should pick the perfect cleanser according to your skin type and needs -

  • Cleanser for normal skin - if your skin has a mix of both, dry and oily areas, use a mild soap and sulphate free face wash that controls excess sebum without drying out your skin.
  • Cleanser for oily skin - Pick a deep cleansing face wash that balances your skin’s extra oil production and also unclogs pores and keeps acne at bay. Avoid ingredients like alcohol or oil as they will aggravate your skin type.
  • Cleanser for dry skin - The ideal face cleanser for someone with dry skin should contain ingredients that nourish and moisturize the skin. The face wash should also be free of harsh chemicals and fragrances as they can make the skin drier.
  • Cleanser for sensitive skin - Even though all skin types must use a sulphate free face wash, it is especially crucial for those with sensitive skin to use a gentle, chemical-less face wash that does not irritate the skin.
  • Cleanser for dull skin - if your skin lacks a healthy and radiant glow, opt for a face cleaning product that gently exfoliates the skin and brightens your skin tone.
Discover the Best Deep Cleansing Face Wash with Re’equil

At Re’equil, we create skincare products that help address your skin concerns so you can have the skin you feel most confident in. Developed by scientists and approved by dermatologists, we bring to you the best sulphate free face washes that are gentle on your skin. Free of harmful SLS and parabens, our products are catered for all skin types. Whether you are looking for a cleanser for normal skin or need a deep cleansing face wash for your oily and acne-prone skin, we have just the right products for you.

Our Fruit AHA Face Wash for Hyperpigmentation and Skin Brightening is made with fruit-derived AHAs that gently exfoliate the skin and improve skin tone and texture for bright and smooth skin. The Oil Control & Anti Acne Face Wash helps prevent acne and regulates excess sebum production while still retaining your skin’s natural moisture.

1-Which face cleaning product is best for hyperpigmentation?

When dealing with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, you need to look for a brightening cleanser for normal skin or your specific skin type with the right ingredients. Skin brightening ingredients like lemon extracts and orange extracts are rich in vitamin C which is known for its skin lightening properties. This targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation and also gives your skin a radiant glow. Sugarcane extract is also a great ingredient for your skin as it helps fade blemishes and dark spots.

2-Can a deep cleansing face wash help reduce acne and oily skin?

Oily skin produces extra sebum which usually clogs pores and leads to acne and other breakouts. By deep cleaning your skin, these cleansers unclog your pores to get rid of oil, sweat, dirt, and other toxins from deep within. And this deep cleaning helps prevent acne breakouts while still being gentle on your skin. Oily skin types need a deep cleansing face wash that keeps the skin’s oil production in check without stripping off the natural oils and moisture from your skin. When buying face wash online, pick one that not only regulates sebum production but also helps fight acne-causing bacteria.

3-What are the benefits of using a sulphate free face wash?

Commonly known as SLS, SLES, and ALS, sulphates are chemicals that give your cleansing products a soapy and bubbly feel. Skincare products with sulphates are harsh on your skin, strip natural moisture and oils from your skin, and can cause irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin. The following are some benefits of using sulphate free, chemical less face wash and other skin care products -

  • Sulphate free face washes are gentle on your skin
  • Sulphate free products restore and maintain the natural pH balance of your skin
  • Sulphate free skin care products are better for the environment