Re'storing Equilibrium for your Skin and Hair
A tiny exceptional percentage of people look at selfcare as an important aspect of life. Skincare is fundamental health and like all domains of our life, it's progress that matters here and not perfection. You're in here, and it's not by chance.
You are not looking at buying products but investing in
your Skin.
At Re’equil, we are consumers first and we understand the hope, time and money our customers invest in us.
Efficacy is in Our Blood.
Re’equil was born in 2018 as India’s first online direct to consumer cosmeceutical brand. Our products are formulated by scientists and evaluated by dermatologists. We don’t just sell products. We sell ones that you can trust and believe in.
years of combined experience customer of our formulation Development team
1 million+
happy customers and
customers rate us 4 stars
and above
countries for sourcing our
Our formulations guide you on what you can expect from them.
Re’equil is built with honesty and empathy at its core. We offer solutions that you can trust and ritualise. We believe that you deserve to have healthy skin and hair because that makes you look good and more importantly, it makes you feel better.

All our products are dermatologically tested by leading labs for safety against any skin allergies, reaction or inflammation and for efficacy. The Clinical Tests are conducted under the supervision of dermatologists.
We are passionate about making a difference.

For Your Skin and Hair.
And for the Nation.

Meals served and Countless smiles ignited
We love to learn from you.
Your experiences and feedback help us to offer you newer, better formulations and also improve our services. Do share them with us.
“Healthy skin and hair give us a strong sense of self belief and that’s what we are here to do for you.”
Vipul Gupta
Your trust is our foundation
Best customer service and top quality skin care brand i've tried in a very long time. All their products do what they say and an amazing job at that. Finally found a brand worth forever. Thanks for being such an amazing company.
- Varsha Divate
Your trust is our foundation
Oh my god! What a great experience I’ve with Re'equil. I am someone who was not confident to use moisturizer & sunscreen because they are way too sticky for my way too oily face. Also, I am someone who has used a lot of brands to see what works for me and I stopped here. I stopped here to never go back.
- Mridula Tiwari
Your trust is our foundation
Great experience with the sunscreen and the dandruff control shampoo!Their hair conditioners are one of the best that I have used till date!! Great product if you are looking for deeply conditioning your hair.Must try products!!
Megha Agarwal
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