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Re’al Experiences of progress
Re'equil is the best brand for skin products. I have recently started using products from Re'equil and the results are just amazing. The AHA face wash and the moisturizer is fabulous. The best part of shopping from Re'equil is that they have products based on the issues and their recommendations are so right. For me it's the best brand currently in India!
Neemi Tiwari
Thank you for creating something so comfortable that one cannot resist reapplying, the sunscreen is that good! I have used a product or two, but nothing, trust me, nothing beats the best texture of ultra matte sunscreen. I am so glad its a part of my skincare routine and I'll be too happy to tell my people how effective and skin friendly it is.
Sonal Sharma
The best skincare brand ever.Yes, without any doubts and after using every product I go gaga over the products and formulations. Specifically, the ceramide moisturiser, oil free moisturiser and sunscreens. All are just amazing. Tested, Tried and Trusted. Thats it!
Anuradha Lucky
Very good product. I bought their hair conditioner, and it worked like a charm.I hope they can continue being the creator of such authentic and relevant products. Good work, team.
Sivakrishna Paluru
Oh my god! What a great experience I’ve with Re'equil. I am someone who was not confident to use moisturizer & sunscreen because they are way too sticky for my way too oily face. Also, I am someone who has used a lot of brands to see what works for me and I stopped here. I stopped here to never go back.
Mridula Tiwari
Best sunscreen ever! No white cast and no grease! Love other products as well. Have restocked every product I have used so far!
Rajbeer Kaur
Great experience with the sunscreen and the dandruff control shampoo!
Their hair conditioners are one of the best that I have used till date!! Great product if you are looking for deeply conditioning your hair.Must try products!!
Megha Agarwal
Best customer service and top quality skin care brand i've tried in a very long time. All their products do what they say and an amazing job at that. Finally found a brand worth forever. Thanks for being such an amazing company
Varsha Divate
I love their moisturisers.
I have oily skin, and i tried both reequil oil free moisturiser and ceramide moisturiser. First one suited my oily skin well. Its very light weight, yet very hydrating. I used it with RETINOL and it went well. SUPER AFFORDABLE. only cons some people may find is, it contains mild fragrance.So far im in love with the product. 😍😍😍😍
Nive Dya
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