Best Facial Toner for Glowing Skin
From removing excess oil from your skin to nourishing the skin after a thorough cleanse, a good toner for your face is a must-have skincare product if you want to improve your skin’s health. Toners are no longer made of harsh chemicals, alcohols, and fragrances that are harmful to your skin. Today, the best facial toners are made up of gentle and hydrating ingredients that benefit your skin in many ways. And if you are unsure about why you even need a toner, keep reading.
What Are The Benefits of Using Toner ?

You don’t need an elaborate 10 step skincare routine for healthy and glowing skin, even a simple 3 step cleansing, toning, and moisturising regime will improve the look and feel of your skin. Many people are unfortunately unaware of the benefits of toning and tend to skip this crucial step. Here is how a good toner for your face can help you transform your skin -

  • Probably the most popular benefit of toning is minimising the appearance of large, open pores. Using the best toner for open pores gives your skin a smooth texture and visibly tightens and reduces enlarged pores
  • By tightening open pores, toners for acne prone skin prevent your pores from getting clogged with acne-causing toxins and bacteria The best toners for dry skin are enriched with hydrating ingredients that help to increase the absorption of your moisturising products and boost your skin’s moisture retention
  • Toners also help remove leftover traces of dirt, makeup, oil, etc. and are perfect for leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean Adding a few spritzes of the best toner for glowing skin is a great way to give your skin an instant boost of freshness and treat yourself to a quick pick-me-up
When to Use Toner in a Skincare Routine
After you have cleansed your face with a gentle yet effective cleanser, pour some toner on a cotton pad till it is completely moistened. Gently sweep the cotton pad across your face in small, upward strokes. Wait for a few seconds for the toner to get absorbed into your skin and then follow up with your serum, moisturiser, and other daily skincare products. Use the toner twice daily, as part of your morning and night skincare routine for best results.
Transform Your Skin with Re’equil

Lightweight yet effective, Re’equil toners are created with clinically proven ingredients to give your skin the very best formulations. Developed by scientists, our facial toners are dermatologically tested and are suitable for all skin types. The Pore Refining Face Toner tightens and reduces the appearance of large open pores and maintains the skin’s pH balance. Our Vitamin C Face Toner boosts collagen production, brightens dull skin, and removes pigmentation and dark spots for a radiant and even complexion. With safety and effectiveness at the core of all our products, we bring to you the best facial toners that will keep your skin feeling smooth, fresh, radiant, and hydrated.

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1-Can I use toner on dry skin?

It is a common misconception that those with dry skin should not use facial toner. As long as the toner does not contain any drying ingredients that will strip the moisture from your face, you can safely use a toner if you have dry skin. The best toners for dry skin are made up of hydrating and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, essential oils, flower extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, etc.

2-Does a toner help in reducing acne?

Toners are extremely beneficial for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Toners for acne-prone skin deep clean your skin, remove leftover impurities, balance your skin, and tighten open pores. They also help get rid of dead skin cells that clog your pores. The best toners for acne also sometimes contain ingredients like salicylic acid or green tea which help fight acne-causing bacteria.

3-Are there any side effects of using toner on your skin?

While toners have a variety of skin-loving benefits, excess of anything can be harmful to your skin. Using too much of even the best facial toner throughout the day can cause your skin to become dry and irritated. Harsh chemicals in some toners can trigger sensitive skin and cause a burning sensation. Certain ingredients that do not suit the skin can cause acne-flare ups for some. Always remember to check the ingredients and look for toners that do not contain SLS, parabens, and alcohol.