Benefits of Using a Hair Mask?

Benefits of Using a Hair Mask? Benefits of Using a Hair Mask?

Benefits of Using a Hair Mask?

Some days, you feel like flaunting your hair with an attitude that says ‘messy hair, don’t care’. While on other days, you wonder how you are ever going to control your life when you cannot control that unruly hair of yours. This is what happens when the hair doesn’t get the proper nourishment, which leads to dry and frizzy hair strands.

Just like your body gets affected when it doesn’t receive the right nourishment, hair loses its shine and lustre. There’s also hair damage due to bleaching, coloring, straightening, and other unnecessary torture that we put our hair through. All these factors together affect the scalp and hair health. So if you’re wondering how to reverse hair damage, then inculcate a right mask in your hair care regimen.

Hair masks are creams that contain rich, nutritious ingredients like pea protein, ceramides, omega 3 fatty acids that work rigorously on the hair, protect it from daily damage, and revive its natural shine and sheen. While you might feel that hair masks almost sound similar to daily conditioners that we use, but the difference is that hair masks include greater nutrients than hair conditioners to give your hair the right nourishment not just on the surface but also on the inside.

What is the importance of a hair mask?

benefits of using a hair mask

Do you remember that one day when you had the best hair day in a long time, but nobody noticed? Well, you don’t need to wait for that one day to come again because the right hair mask can give you good hair days, every day. Proteins are considered to be the building blocks of healthy, silky hair. Proteins are used to build the tissue cells of the hair. When your hair experiences protein deficiency, you hair become damaged and brittle, causing hair fall. Around 80-85% of the hair is composed of a protein named keratin, which works towards keeping your hair strong and maintaining its anagen phase. Before you go any further and ask any more questions, let’s just list down what are the benefits of using hair masks.


  • Controls the damage done to the hair

Hair damage doesn’t happen due to a specific reason. Exposing the hair to continuous heat in the form of hair curling, ironing, etc. can weaken the hair cuticle and cause them to break. The moisture in your hair reduces to a great extent and leads to frizzy hair. Hence, hair masks are the best answer to your ‘how to reverse hair damage’ problem. Find a hair mask that includes pea protein, ceramides, and omega 3 fatty acids that offer immense hair nourishment.

  • Rehydrates the dull and dry hair

When you make up your mind to step out of the house, that’s when your hair works up. Dehydrated hair isn’t uncommon and it can happen due to a lot of factors. Lack of sunshine, weather changes, and other reasons are enough for the hair to misbehave. At such times, you need hair masks that can tame the unruly hair and moisturise it to the core.

  • Get shiny and smooth hair

Don’t get tangled in your hair woes and then spend half of your time purchasing expensive shampoos. Even after purchasing the best shampoo in the market, your hair can continue to look lifeless and unappealing. This is a sign that your hair is in dire need of a protein hair mask treatment, and it’s also when you learn the importance of protein mask for hair.

  • Maintains coloured hair

Colouring the hair might seem fancy at first, but it’s high maintenance. Your job doesn’t end once you get your hair coloured; you need to take care of it, and if you don’t take care of it, it might lead to dryness and thinning. It can also affect scalp and hair health. One of the best ways to hydrate hair, and care for dry and itchy scalp post hair colouring is through a hair mask.

What are some of the things to know about hair masks?

Hair masks have been in fashion since ancient Egypt, where it’s believed that women used a mixture of olive oil and coconut to introduce shine and bounce to their hair. Although hair masks are not an uncommon phenomenon, there is still quite a crowd that knows the existence of hair masks but doesn’t know much about it or its usage. So here are some facts that you should know about hair masks.

1. Can I use hair mask every day?

‘How often should I use hair mask’ or ‘can I use hair mask everyday’ is one of the most frequent queries that people have about hair masks. However, we suggest that it’s ideal to use hair mask once a week to make the most of its benefits. In case you feel that your hair is more prone to damage or dryness, you can increase its usage to two or three times a week.

2. How to select the right hair mask for my hair?

When you wish to make the most of a hair mask, ensure that you pick the hair mask that suits your hair type. For those who suffer from oily hair, focus on using hair masks on the tips of your hair. If you have dry and damaged hair, then it’s better to opt for a hair mask that’s more inclined towards conditioning your hair.

3. Would it be advisable to leave a hair mask for too long?

Ideally, you should leave the hair mask for not more than 3-5 minutes. But there might be different cases, where you may suffer from rough damaged hair. At such times, you can let the mask sink in for 15-20 minutes.

4. Why should you frequently apply hair masks?

Hair masks are effective when it comes to restoring the strength and shine of hair. If you’re suffering from frizzy, damaged, dry, rough, or dehydrated hair—a hair mask can be your knight in shining armour by giving your hair an intense treatment.


Is it vital to use the right type of hair mask for a particular hair problem?

Just like the different personalities of different people cannot be the same, there are various hair masks that cater to only specific hair issues. From restoring moisture to protecting your hair from notorious weather conditions—hair masks can be used for various purposes. All you need to do is make the right choice (unlike other decisions in your life, ensure that you make the right decision here).

Frizzy hair or curls: Leave-in hair treatments can help prevent frizz and increase the moisture in your hair.

Dry or itchy scalp: You can opt for daily hair masks that work on your scalp and keep dandruff and dryness at bay.

Split end problems: Hair masks that can be left on for long durations can work perfectly to cure your hair of split ends.

Dry hair or brittle hair: Dry hair requires moisture in heavy doses, which can be offered through hair masks that have intensive moisturising and deep conditioning properties in them. Select a hair mask that is high on natural oils.

What are the best ingredients that you should look for in hair masks?



  • Ceramides

Ceramides are present in your hair cuticle and are responsible to bind your cuticle layer together. Since cuticle defends your hair against unwanted materials, ceramides help keep your hair strong. When properties like water affect the cuticle and force it open, it’s the ceramides in the hair mask that keep the cuticles closed and retain the shine and lustre in them.

  • Pea protein

Although many believe that pea protein can be only be consumed as a food supplement, not many know that pea protein is used in shampoos and conditioners These little proteins bind the hair together, add shine and strength, reduce unnecessary breakage, and keep your hair hydrated.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids

Your hair needs nutrition, and omega 3 fatty acids that give your hair the nourishment it deserves. Omega 3 fatty acids improve your hair growth and refrain your hair from becoming flaky, itchy, or dry.

This formula stands true for life and for your hair—if something doesn’t nourish your soul or your hair, then it’s time to let it go. Opt for hair masks that suit your hair type as well as help your hair breathe, relax, rejuvenate, refresh, enjoy, and renew itself. Focus on what you need from a hair mask, what are the benefits that a hair mask can offer you, and pick the one that nourishes your hair from root to tip. We assume that you’ve gone through everything that we had to say about hair masks, and now, we’re rooting for you to choose the best hair mask (quite literally).


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