Amazing Tips To Identify And Restore Damaged Hair

Amazing Tips To Identify And Restore Damaged Hair


Are you experiencing parched seasonal hair, savaged by various environmental factors, frizziness, breakage and excessive damage? Frazzled hair is certainly a nightmare as they not only affect your appearance but also your self-confidence. It goes without saying that we feel your pain. A study of damaged hair conducted by V.N.E Robinson describes that improper hair care, cosmetic procedures etc are some of the main elements that lead to brittle and damaged manes. What’s more, there is a huge amount of misunderstandings on how to identify damaged hair. We surely realize that this can be confusing and quite frankly a concerning topic. However, fret not as we have assembled a perfect list of solutions to scurry your confusion and doubts away.




  • Bumpy hair strands 
  • Visible split ends
  • Dull appearance
  • Unresponsive to hair treatments
  • Excessive hair loss

Sign To Identify And Restore Damaged Hair

1. Bumpy hair strands 

It is imperative to recognize that the bumps or uneven texture of your hair locks indicate damaged hair. Various studies show that you experience the bumpy strands when the protein cells of your hair start developing gaps in between them. The best way to examine your manes is by running your fingers through them.

2. Visible split ends

Split ends are a common sign of damaged hair. Top hair specialists confirm that you are likely to experience split ends after 6 weeks of haircut. Although, if your hair is badly damaged then the appearance of split ends can be visible sooner. Furthermore, numerous studies unravel that people with brittle and frizzy hair are more prone to split ends. 

3. Dull appearance

Does your hair appear dull and extremely lifeless? If so, then it is vital to recognize that your hair is showing a clear sign of being damaged. You may usually experience dull hair when your scalp and tresses have lost the much-needed nourishment by getting overexposed to heat, chemicals etc. 

4. Unresponsive to hair treatments 

Many hairstylists confirm that damaged hair is likely to stay unresponsive to any hair treatments. For example, ironing your tresses for hours or applying a hair serum to achieve manageable hair is likely to make them unruly and unmanageable within a short span of time. The best way to preserve your tresses from more damage is to keep the heat styling tools and treatments away until your tresses heal. 

5. Excessive hair loss

Are you constantly experiencing excessive hair loss? Various studies confirm that normal hair loss varies from 50 to 100 strands every day. However, if you confront more hair fall than usual then there are high chances that you have damaged hair. The best bet to attain healthy scalp and hair while reducing your hair fall is by taking the precautionary steps and following a hair care regimen religiously.


  • Form a haircare routine
  • Embrace champi sessions
  • Indulge in hair masks
  • Avoid heating tools 
  • Handle damp hair with care


Effective Tips To Restore Damaged Hair

1. Form a haircare routine

Religiously following a proper hair care regimen suitable for your scalp type ensures optimum health and safety of your hair. According to the top trichologists, mild shampoo and conditioner are an integral and basic part of any hair care regimen. They help to revive your scalp and hair health. Countless studies clarify that a mild shampoo helps to get rid of any sweat and grease present on your scalp and manes, whereas, a conditioner helps to lend moisture to your hair strands. 

2. Embrace champi sessions

Frequent hot oil scalp massages are one of the best home remedies to treat dry and damaged manes. According to a study conducted in the early months of 2015, oil plays an imperative role in supporting the health of your scalp and tresses. The study further explains that the hot oil treatments combined with best scalp exercises help to protect your hair from any friction or damage, thus lending you healthy and shiny tresses. Almond oil and coconut oil are some of the most popular hair oils known to hydrate your locks while curbing any damage. 

3. Indulge in hair masks

Hair masks are a good addition to your weekly hair care regimen. It is extremely essential to understand the countless benefits that a hair mask brings along before incorporating it into your hair care regimen. Some of the prime benefits of a hair mask are to treat any frizziness, dryness or damage by offering the deep nourishment to the core of each hair shaft. Moreover, numerous studies explain that a hair mask containing Pea Protein and Ceramide is known as an absolute therapy to attain healthy and shiny manes. Using a hair mask once a week helps to reap all the benefits without damaging your scalp or manes in the process. 

4. Avoid heating tools 

Excessive use of heating tools and chemicals on scalp and manes are known as a dominant factor behind dry and damaged hair. A study conducted by the International Journal of Trichology explains that hair styling tools like flat irons, blow dryers etc damaged the protein present within your hair follicles. Furthermore, neglecting the precautionary steps before using excessive heat or chemicals is yet another reason behind dry and damaged manes. So, refraining from using any heating tools or chemicals on your manes is the best way to save your hair from any further thermal destruction. 

5. Handle damp hair with care

Many hair specialists unravel that your hair is at the most vulnerable state when damp. This is why brushing or using any harsh treatment on your damp manes will result in excessively damaged hair and scalp. On top of that, various studies confirm that damp hair is more likely to be prone to excessive breakage. Hence, it is advisable to allow your manes to get air-dried thoroughly before brushing or performing any treatment on them.

Amazing Tips To Identify And Restore Damaged Hair


It is pivotal to examine and acknowledge the various factors leading to damaged hair. Once you recognize the causes behind your hair and scalp damage then reviving your hair health will become an easy task. We understand that the process of curbing your damaged manes can be overwhelming. However, neglecting your hair concerns will do you more harm than good. So, follow these tips and techniques to bring back the adrift glory of your manes. 


Leaving your hair unprotected during the peak hours of the day is known as one of the main culprits behind dry and damaged manes. Repercussions of unprotected hair are not only limited to the damaged hair but imbalanced hair growth cycle. Numerous research studies have explained that UV rays tend to damage the amino acids in your hair shaft while lessening the hair growth rate. It is why protecting not just your skin but also your manes under the sun is imperative. Adorning a scarf or bandana are some of the best ways to protect your manes. Furthermore, following a proper hair care regimen will ensure your hair safety, therefore, helping you attain healthy and shiny tresses

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