Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Spa

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Spa

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Spa

Who does not love those rejuvenated, revived and freshly trimmed hair straight out of a salon?

Hair pampering sessions at the salon sound very enticing to beat the moody blues and bring your hair back to life. Hair spa revitalizes the scalp and hair for keeping your locks lustrous than before. Despite knowing the countless benefits, you might feel skeptical of such hair taming procedures.

Just like the two sides of a coin, there are different opinions for this hair care tip as well. Hair care experts believe that getting a regular hair spa from professionally trained dressers is a prerequisite to attain the desired outcomes. However, leading dermatologists also advise you to stay away from chemical-based hair spa treatments to avoid long-term damage to your hair. 

A research study published in the International Journal of Trichology has also elaborated the drawbacks of hair cosmetic therapies in deteriorating the hair structure. To put it simply, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of hair spa therapies before visiting your salon is an evolved approach for better hair health.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Spa

What does a hair spa do?

A hair spa is a salon treatment that helps to repair and rejuvenate your dull and lifeless tresses. It majorly consists of four steps - oil massaging, shampoo, hair mask, and conditioning.  

The whole process relaxes your scalp and leaves your hair soft and smooth.  It helps to provide deep conditioning and nourishment to your scalp, hair roots, and hair follicles.

      Top 5 benefits of hair spa
      1. Repairs damaged and frizzy hair

      Did you know that hair spa also reverses hair damage? With unique conditioning procedures, it infuses the essential nutrients to your hair strands to replenish the lost moisture and hydration. 

      Besides, hair massage is an integral step of any spa therapy, which helps to stimulate the blood circulation to follicles to improve your hair’s current condition. 

      2. Strengthens the hair roots

      Weak hair roots are the most common problem these days. Pollution, harsh hair care products, scorching heat can be the culprit behind weak and fragile root strength. 

      Hair spa benefits your hair by nourishing and revitalizing the hair follicles, which in turn makes them thicker and less prone to breakage. 

      3. Reduces stress and increases blood circulation

      Hair spa treatments are a great way to de-stress yourself. Head massage and steaming during spa helps to improve the blood circulation in your scalp and head area which subsequently helps to calm down your mind

      A study published in Journal of Physical Therapy Science has also stated the benefits of scalp massage in stress reduction. Post salon treatment, planning an outing with your friends is another surefire to make your day wonderful and fantastic.

      4. Unclog the scalp pores 

      Silicone build up from hair cosmetic and environmental impurities lead to clogged pores on your scalp. Hair spas help to unclog the pores through steaming. This hair taming process helps to get rid of impurities deposited in pores, which ultimately save your hair from dandruff, hair fall, and rough hair.

      5. Controls oil production in the scalp

      A hair spa is a good way to balance out the scalp oils. Both oily and dry scalp are counted as the worst enemies to your hair. Too much oil in the scalp leads to sticky hair whereas dehydrated skin causes dry and rough hair. Being regular with your hair spa treatments is considered quite helpful to maintain an ideal secretion of oils on your scalp, which ultimately manifests into healthy and glossy hair.

      What are the disadvantages of a hair spa?

      Hair spa can be a de-stressor for your hair and even you. But there’s a downside to this as well as the chemicals can be harsh and affect your scalp and hair and even your pocket  in an undesirable way. So it is better to make an informed decision. Here are the certain disadvantages of a hair spa. 

      1. Fades the hair color

      While your hair can look glossy after a hair spa. It can be a bit problematic if you have colored hair. 

      Regular hair spas tend to fade the color of hair. Before opting for hair treatment, it would be good to talk to your hair professionals for the best possible solutions. In this way, you would be able to reap the maximum benefits from your hair therapy along with preserving your favorite hair color.

      2. Hair loss

      Many research findings have revealed that harsh chemical ingredients used in different steps of hair cosmetic processes can lead to severe hair loss.

      If you are already dealing with hair loss issues, then it is better to take the advice of a dermatologist before jumping into any hair cosmetic therapies.

      3. One needs to be consistent 

      Remember, good hair does not happen overnight. It is very important to be regular with your hair care regimen whether you are doing it on your own or getting it done at a salon. Ideally, you should get a hair spa after every 15 days for the best results. 

      Usually, people feel a bit lazy to have regular hair spa sessions. However, you need to know that a single hair spa won’t be enough to change the physiology of your hair.

      4. A strain on your pocket 

      Hair spa treatments can be pretty expensive. Many of you may find it hard to spare some amount for hair treatment every month. 

      For you, there are countless DIYS and hair masks that act as a perfect solution for damaged, frizzy and rough hair.

      5. It alone won’t do anything

      Health care experts believe that a diet enriched with proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients plays an important role to keep your mane healthy. 

      Thereby, along with external hair care, you should also pay attention to your dietary habits. In addition, you can also consider doing yoga asanas for hair growth. Also, protection of hair from undue sun exposure and pollution is required after hair spas to maintain healthy hair.

      What is an alternative solution for rough and damaged hair than salon hair spa?
      Hair conditioners  

      The hair cuticles are left open after you shampoo your hair. This can attract pollutants, and easily make your hair lose moisture. Well, this is where conditioners kick in. They help to seal cuticles and moisture in the strands. This helps you manage your hair easily making them frizz free.

      Most importantly, hair conditioners that contain safe and natural ingredients have been found quite beneficial to make your hair look healthier, shinier, and smoother. 

      Using hair conditioners after shampoo help to replenish the lost moisture and natural oils to give a silky and shiny appearance to your hair. As per research studies,  Murumuru butter and Babassu oil exhibit incredible hair conditioning properties that help to restore the natural shine and elasticity of your hair.

      Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Spa

      Hair masks

      Hair masks help to keep your hair hydrated and smooth by offering deep conditioning to cuticles. Masks penetrate deeper into the hair and help in repairing the damaged bunch, replenishing them effectively. You can try a pea protein and ceramide hair mask for dry and damaged hair

      • Pea protein - Helps to restore the hair balance, repairs, and flattens the raised cuticles to give your hair a perfect velvety texture. 
      • Ceramides - Increases your hair’s resistance to extreme wear and tear and restore your hair’s shine, elasticity, and moisture retention. 
      Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Spa
      Final Takeaway

      Unquestionably, it is very essential to take good care of your hair before it’s too late. Nurturing your hair with the right amount of proteins and vitamins helps to keep hair strong and healthy. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), a rapid spurt has been noticed in people finding hair loss treatments. Therefore, taking caution in the first place will not only allow you to flaunt your astonishingly beautiful hair all the way but can also save you from unseen damage.


      Many research studies have revealed that strong surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) used in the formulation of shampoos are not good for your hair.  Such shampoos while cleansing your hair, also remove the natural scalp and hair oils. This finally leads to dehydrated, rough, and breakage-prone hair.  On the other hand, mild shampoos are found to be good for your scalp skin and hair. Additionally,  the use of conditioners that contain silicone, SLS, or parabens can create a heavy scalp build-up. This obstructs the flow of important nutrients to the scalp and may lead to poor hair health.




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