Dry Hair Problem During Winter Season And Tips To Treat Them

Dry Hair Problem During Winter Season And Tips To Treat Them

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Winter season - cold outside and warm inside. It feels so cozy but…

Did you know the lack of humidity and the imbalance in temperature make our hair dry, frizzy, and unmanageable? Once you start detangling dry hair, it leads to hair fall further reducing the volume of your hair. 

Frizziness, hair fall, and dry & itchy scalp. It seems too much at a time. Dryness on the scalp and hair invites so many hair concerns.

Read below to know how to keep hair nourished and hydrated in the chilly weather. 

5 Easy tips to nourish dry hair this winter  
1. Deep conditioning helps restore moisture & reverse hair damage

Hair masks deeply condition your hair. They help reverse the seasonal damage. The formulation of a hair mask is such that it strengthens the hair from the inside and leaves the scalp healthier. The wonder ingredients for a hair mask are - Ceramides, Pea Protein, and Omega 3 fatty acid.
Unlike shampoo and conditioner, hair masks can actually go deeper into your hair strands and impart intense healing action. 

Using a hair mask twice a week during the chilly and dry weather is a must because it forms a protective structure around hair strands and prevents further loss of nourishment. It locks in moisture and prevents frizziness. 

2. Use lukewarm water for hair to prevent dryness

A hot water shower might feel like a sauna but your hair might not feel the same. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair so as to prevent your hair from losing moisture. Warm water can actually make your scalp itchy and suck the moisture from your hair. It can further irritate your scalp and can motivate dandruff. 

3. Befriend Co-washing method for deep nourishment 

You might never know this but always using a shampoo no matter how good it is, isn’t just that necessary when it's winter. You can opt for co-wash and leave using shampoo at all for some time. Reason - Ingredients like sulfates and silicones found in several shampoos can dry out your hair. 

A conditioner backed up with ingredients like babassu and murumuru butter can provide the optimum cleansing action required through the week. 

Pro Tip - By any chance, if you have coily, mixed-textured, curly, or extremely dry hair, co-washing can actually help you manage your hair better. 

4. Cover your hair while going outside

It is very important to cover your hair during the winter season. Wearing a hat or a scarf might shield it from the moisture-robbing dry air, snow, wind, and rain. Dry hair is more to breakage, hair fall, split ends, and more. 

5. Use hot oils

Your grandma was right if she oiled your hair and made decent braids. Applying good lukewarm hair oils like Argan oil, Olive oil, or Coconut oil works effectively in restoring moisture. You can apply hot oil an hour before washing your hair. However, if you are the one who thinks overnight oiling might hydrate your hair better then stop right there because the oil can block your hair follicles and it might invite some skin concerns like acne, breakouts, clogged pores, etc. 


Be mindful of the ingredients you pick up for your hair care regimen for winter. Opt for ingredients like ceramides, pea protein, and babassu because they are super hydrating ingredients. Avoid sulfates, SLS, and parabens in your hair care products. 

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