Does Coffee Trigger Acne?

Does Coffee Trigger Acne? Does Coffee Trigger Acne?

Does Coffee Trigger Acne?

Are you too one of the biggest coffee lovers on this earth and have acne too? Well, yes, we do have a bad news for you. If you wish to clear your acne, you will have to leave drinking coffee right away. Coffee, no doubt, is a magical drink but it might be the sole reason for worsening your acne. Coffee does not cause acne but it can definitely make it worse. So here it is, you will have to make a choice today- coffee or clear face?

Coffee is beneficial in many great ways like it increases focus, enhances mood, lowers Type 2 Diabetes, increases athletic performance and prevents aging. Let us have a look at some ways in which coffee triggers acne.

How Coffee Triggers Acne

1. It Doubles your Body’s Stress Response

Coffee contains caffeine which is responsible for making you feel alert and awake. It also increases your stress level. Again, let me tell you that stress does not cause acne but it can worsen the acne already present as the stress hormones like cortisol have the tendency to increase the oil production by sebaceous glands which can cause acne. Stress hormones release extra insulin which over-produces new cells and thus, clogging the pores. Insulin also increases the inflammation levels of the body which make the acne red and swollen.

2. Lack of Sleep

If you drink coffee late at night or if you drink a lot of coffee, it will leave you sleepless through the nights which will again increase the stress due to lack of sleep and therefore, cause acne. However, the effects of caffeine may vary from person to person, you must avoid drinking coffee post afternoon.

3. Milk and Sugar Intake

Milk and sugar are the two worst ingredients one can have for triggering acne. They have great side effects of coffee on the skin. Research tells us that drinking milk triggers more red and swollen acne as it spikes your blood sugar making your skin over-produce oil and depressing your immune system. Just like milk and sugar, diets rich in carbohydrates also have the tendency to trigger acne. So, you must be very careful about what you eat. Since milk and sugar are the most preferred ingredients in a coffee cup, it must be avoided as they are the reason why coffee triggers acne.

4. Absorbs nutrients from the food

Drinking coffee near your meal timings can often lead your body to lose minerals like zinc, iron, and selenium which are very important for the body. Acne can get worsened by deficiencies of such minerals. Therefore, in the first place, you must avoid coffee intake, however, if it is not possible, then you should at least maintain a gap of one hour between the two. But you must always remember that coffee triggers acne and its intake must be avoided.

5. Crave for Sweets

Coffee boosts stress hormones which can make you crave for sweets and other junk food which can be very dangerous for your acne prone skin. The best possible way to get rid of all the things that can cause acne is by avoiding coffee intake as it will save you from the craving for the foods that cause pimples.


Other Side Effects of Coffee on the Skin

Not only this, there are more side effects of coffee on the skin which will tell you to quit coffee. Coffee can disturb your sleep cycle. Since it has the ability to boost your cortisol, it makes it more difficult for the person to build muscles. Moreover, coffee dehydrates the body which can lead to premature aging and wrinkled skin.

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