7 Easy Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin In Spring Season

7 Easy Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin In Spring Season


Trees are shedding leaves, buds are blooming, the sun is mild, and winds are pleasant.  It's a HELLUVA START, to the spring season. Not only your inner being embraces the change, but your skin also begins prepping itself for the sudden drift in the weather.  Various research studies also confirm that weather change has a negative impact on Natural moisturizing factors (NMF) in the uppermost layer of skin (stratum corneum). NMFs are the natural humectants present in the stratum corneum which help to keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and healthy-looking. 



  • Exfoliate yourself
  • Wear Broad-spectrum sunscreen
  • Moisturize daily
  • Nourish the thin under-eye skin
  • Slather on antioxidants
  • Kickstart your workout routine
  • Sip on detox water
7 Easy Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin In Spring Season

1. Exfoliate yourself

The Winter season leaves a layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.  Exfoliation is the first step you need to follow for clear and glowing skin in the spring season. Nothing works wonders better than AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid) to attain a clear and smooth skin surface.  AHAs are the fruit acids that speed up your skin’s natural shedding process and help in unclogging the pores. Numerous research studies have concluded that apart from skin exfoliation, AHA’s help to increase the skin's natural glow.  The good thing is, you can easily inculcate AHA-based cleansers in your skin care routine to get soft and glowing skin.


2. Wear Broad-spectrum sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only important when the summer heat reaches its peak, but also all around the year. In fact, during spring, your skin gets extra exposure to the sun rays due to the longer duration of a day. That’s why sunscreen is important regardless of the weather.

 As per skin care experts, it is advisable to use sunscreens that can shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.  A broad-spectrum sunscreen with  SPF higher than 50 offers the best protection against pigmentation, dark patches, photoaging, and other skin woes in spring. Additionally, by late spring UV rays become intense in several regions of the country. Hence, invest in a good broad-spectrum sunscreen and do not let the harmful rays harm your skin.

3. Moisturize daily

Skin care experts agree that only drinking 8-10 glasses of water is not enough to achieve healthy and glowing skin. However, moisturizing your skin with hydrating ingredients helps to strengthen your skin barrier, which ultimately protects you from early aging and dull complexion. Low humidity levels during winters snatch away the moisture from your skin, thereby leaving your skin extremely dry.

To replenish the lost moisture, it is wise to use a moisturizer that offers long-lasting hydration. Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides have been found quite effective to perk up skin’s plumpness and radiance. Ceramides help to lock in the moisture whereas hyaluronic acid hydrates the deeper layers of your skin.

4. Nourish the thin under-eye skin

Spring is the right time to repair and regenerate your tired and dull under-eye skin.  Under-eye creams infused with antioxidants and natural ingredients help to nourish the delicate skin around the eyes. Ideal ingredients to look for in an under-eye cream are Hyaluronic Acid, Lumkiskin, and Chenopodium Quinoa Seed extract. All of these ingredients give a boost of antioxidants to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes.

A 2015 research study has elucidated that Chenopodium Quinoa Seed extract contains flavonoids and many other potent antioxidants, which boost collagen production and remove skin pigmentation.  

 5. Slather on antioxidants

Spring is called the king of all weathers. However, elevated levels of pollutants in your surrounding environment put your skin at a greater risk of free radical damage.  The use of topical antioxidants not only saves your skin from free radical damage but also helps in the regeneration of healthy skin cells. Skin care experts opine that applying vitamin C-based products is quite beneficial to get rid of pigmentation and dark spots meanwhile rejuvenating your skin.

6. Sip on detox water

Since spring has sprung, it is the best time to clear all the accumulated metabolic waste from the body. You can reap the benefits of detox water to get clear skin and overall good health. Detox water prepared from cucumber, lemon, and mint is considered highly beneficial for clear, glowing, and trouble-free skin.  High water content in cucumber helps in skin hydration. Whereas, lemon and mint cleanse off your stomach which ultimately benefit your skin health.

7. Kickstart your workout routine

Poor blood circulation is found to be associated with dull skin, fine lines, and discoloration. Cozy winters make it a tough task to get out of your bed and workout. But with the right season here, it’s time to rev up your metabolism and increase blood circulation to the skin surface. With regular and daily workout, you can improve the flow of blood and nutrients that ultimately leads to radiant and healthy skin. Put your workout pants on and take the advantage of this pleasant weather to begin exercising.

7 Easy Tips For Healthy And Glowing Skin In Spring Season


Every changing cycle of weather, brings with it a change in food choices, wearing clothes, exercise routine, and so on.  Likewise, skin being the largest organ of your body also requires extra care to embrace seasonal variations. Opting for the right spring skin care routine will of much help to perk up your skin.  So wake up from hibernation! It’s time to make your own skin care resolutions.



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