Ultimate Benefits Of Detox Water For Clear Skin

Ultimate Benefits Of Detox Water For Clear Skin

How to get glowing and flawless skin is among the most asked questions. It takes comfort in knowing that all of us dream of impeccably translucent skin.  The rising prevalence of skin problems like hyperpigmentation, acne, or early aging has withdrawn the attention of people towards healthy eating habits.  “Detoxification regimes” has become the most talked thing in recent years.  Detox water recipes are an integral part of such cleansing regimens. Infused or detox water is made by infusing the fruits, vegetables, or any essential herbs with water. 

Consuming detox water is claimed to enhance the natural cleansing process of the body by flushing out the toxins. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hadi Abushaira explains that along with detoxifying your body, it also offers manifold benefits to enhance the natural glow of your skin. In other words, nourishing your skin from inside out is a holistic approach to get fabulous skin.

Top 5 benefits 

  • Improves digestion
  • Boosts antioxidants supply
  • Wonderful recipe for acne
  • Lends refreshing glow
  • Re – hydrates your skin

    Top Benefits Of Detox Water For Clear Skin


    1. Improves digestion

    Do you know this hidden fact that your digestive health affects your skin largely? A research study of 2019 has pointed out that your gut health is strongly related to several dermatological conditions like acne rosacea, and atopic dermatitis, etc. As per health care experts, restoring good bacteria in your stomach  helps to optimize your digestive health. Intake of detox water does a wonderful job here. It helps to deliver the right nutrients to promote healthy gut bacteria and ease bowel movements as well. Once you have a healthy gut and digestive system, you will be less likely to have poor and dull skin.

    2. Boosts antioxidants supply

    Since fruits and vegetables are the rich sources of antioxidants, thereby drinking the infused water automatically boosts the antioxidants content in your body. Hence, nutrient-rich detox water helps to get youthful-looking skin by fighting free radical damage. A research study published in the journal of dermato endocrinology has also demonstrated the role of potent antioxidants in preventing the early signs of aging.

    3. Wonderful recipe for acne

    Several searches have claimed that your diet plays a crucial role in acne development.  Skin care experts believe that following an anti-inflammatory diet helps the people with acne-prone a lot. It helps to  relieve the pain and symptoms of acne. Owing to anti-inflammatory ingredients like mint, ginger etc., detox water is considered an effective home remedy for acne.

    4. Lends refreshing glow 

    Reducing the consumption of coffee and adding flavors of infused water in your day sounds a good idea to get mirror skin. Detox water is a way to attain glowing, blemish-free, and fabulous skin. It helps to flush out all the toxins and impurities, which are responsible for sabotaging your skin. An incredible punch of nutrients, antioxidants, and many essential vitamins is known to boost rejuvenation and regeneration of new skin cells.  

    5. Re – hydrates your skin

    It is a widely accepted fact that drinking plenty of water offers your healthier skin and improved complexion. One of major benefits of hydrating your body is that it helps to maintain the healthy pH levels of skin and body.   Drinking fruits and vegetable mix water is found to make your skin plump and smooth. Many research studies have stated that dietary fluids help in deep hydration of skin along with improving the texture of outermost layer of skin (epidermis). 

    Popular detox water recipe for healthy skin

    Popular detox water recipe for healthy skin

    This hydrating and detoxifying drink is considered beneficial to nourish your skin inside out. Cucumbers have 96 % water content which helps to boost the hydration levels in the body. Whereas, Vitamin C present in lemon helps to cleanse your skin and prevents wrinkle formation. Research studies suggest that the antibacterial and cooling properties of mint help to ease the skin inflammations.

    Ingredients you need

    • 1-liter water
    • 2 lemons
    • 1 cucumber 
    • 8-10 min leaves

    Directions to make

    • Wash all the ingredients properly.
    • Slice the cucumber and lemons into small pieces.
    • Take a glass and fill it with water
    • Add the sliced pieces of lemons, cucumber and mint leaves into the glass containing water.
    • Leave the mixture in the fridge overnight to infuse the bioactive compounds.
    • Next day you detox water is ready to consume.

    Ultimate Benefits Of Detox Water For Clear Skin



    Eating a healthy diet and upgrading your food choices are essential for healthy skin. However, it is imperative to understand that external skincare is no less important. Skin care products act as a shield for protecting and persevering your skin layers. Hydrating moisturizer is important to prevent the skin from drying out and purging. Similarly, The American Academy of Dermatology strictly advises to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen before going outdoors to save your skin from early aging. So follow a daily detox drink, healthy diet, and right skin care products for healthy and happy skin.

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