Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter makes your scalp drier and itchier and your hair become dry and brittle because of the extreme climatic variations (cold and dry weather outside and heated environment inside). Not only this, but the sun also becomes very harmful for your hair in winters. Due to the dry and brittle quality of hair, there are more chances of split ends which make your hair even worse. The drier your hair is, the more breakable they become. Therefore, it becomes even more important in winters to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated.  Since a lot of people avoid using chemical products, there are some easily available and cheap ways to stay away from frizzy and unruly hair. Let us have a look at some of the winter hair care tips:

Hair Care Tips in Winter

1.    Hydrate

It is very important for your hair and scalp to be hydrated properly in winters as they can be the sole cause of hair breaking. Drinking plenty of water will also help in keeping the scalp hydrated. It is one of the most basic winter hair care tips. When your scalp is hydrated, the sebaceous glands work automatically to produce oil which keeps the scalp and roots of the hair moisturised.

2.    Avoid hot water bath

Hot water can easily damage not only your scalp but also your skin. On the contrary, moderate or lukewarm water helps in hydrating the scalp while providing better nourishment to your hair. It also helps in protecting your hair from drying.

3.    Olive and Coconut Oil

Since the weather makes your hair dry, dull, and brittle, it is a very important hair care tips in winter to moisturize them in various ways. One such way is by massaging your head while applying oils. Olive oil and coconut oil are two oils which deeply moisturize the scalp. Even almond oil which is rich in vitamin E and D helps in blood circulation as well as nourishment. Using aloe vera gel with lukewarm coconut oil helps in making the scalp bacteria-free as aloe vera has anti-bacterial properties.

4.    Hair Wrapping

You must never rub your hair between the towel for dying them. Instead, you should just try to get the excess water out in the towel and leave your hair to dry on their own. Try not to use any heating products like a hair dryer or any other such gadgets which can take away the moisture from your hair strands. Treat this as a very important winter hair care tip.

5.    Avoid Heating and Styling Products

The more you use heating and styling products, the more your hair will become dry, frizzy and dull. They will be more easily breakable and weak from the roots. You should also trim your hair regularly in order to separate the spoiled hair from the fresh and shiny ones. This hair care tip in winter is especially important for dry, dull, and frizzy hair.

Tips for Dry Hair in Winter

Apart from the above tips for dry hair in winter, you can also try avocado and banana treatment or even applying egg white is equally effective in winters to protect your hair. Pumpkin can also help in puffing the hair. Make sure that even if you are using a blow drier, use it at the least possible heat.

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