Reasons for Adult Acne | Get Rid of Acne on Face

Acne is not only caused due to hormonal issues, but there are a lot of other reasons behind it. Most of the times, acne depends on hair follicles present on your face. It is when the follicles get clogged with dead skin cells and oil, the pores are closed and chances for acne spot increase. When the oil and cells mix, it allows bacteria to enter into the follicle and cause acne.

Let us have a look at the reasons for adult acne:

1.    Stress

In the 21st century, the stressful environment has the ability to change our body management system. Cortisol is a stress occurring hormone which creates pore-clogging oil which causes acne. Stress being the reason, you can control your acne without any dependency on anyone. All you have to do is make yourself relieved of stress by meditating for a while or by focusing on yourself or by sitting thoughtlessly for some time. 

2.    Hormonal changes

Hormones not only change during teenage but can be affected anytime in life due to various reasons. Women may have high testosterone levels or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is one of the reasons for adult acne. Irregular menstruation cycle or excessive hair growth are some of the signs of hormonal imbalance.

Taking birth control pills or other strong medications can also make changes in hormones which can also be the reason for causing acne on face.

3.    Diet

Having a healthy diet is of utmost importance in order to keep our body healthy. People who consume too much of dairy products are at a higher risk of having an acne prone skin. It is not that you should skip dairy products all at once, you can take organic dairy products.

4.    Large Pores

Enlarged pores are caused due to stress, sun damage, and smoking. In order to protect your skin from acne breakouts, you must protect yourselves from sun damage and avoid stress and smoking. It might be the case that right now you are not being troubled by your pores as of now even after not caring for yourself in terms of stress,  smoking or sun damage but in the later stages of your life, if you do not stop there, you will end up enlarging your pores and thus causing acne.

5.    Skin and Hair Products

Not every skin and hair product will suit you. You must select non-comedogenic, oil-free, silicone-free, sulphate-free, and paraben-free products which are dermatologically tested and have clinically proven ingredients.

6.    Pregnancy or Pre-menopause

Most of the times, hormonal changes occur during pregnancy when pre-menopause occur. Oil production increases when hormones change which result in acne as the oil clogs the pores which give birth to bacteria which causes acne. Therefore, if the reason for adult acne is pregnancy or pre-menopause, you need not to worry much.

7.    Pollution

Due to such fast advancement, in our day to day life, there has been an increase in the pollution level in our environment which affects our health and skin in a very harmful manner. The dirt present in the air also deposits on your face thus giving birth to bacteria, in turn causing acne on face.

Time to Get rid of Acne

Do not be worried if you are an adult and you have acne because you are not alone and there are a lot of ways to cure acne. Just focus on the reasons for your acne breakouts, work on it rigorously. You will definitely get rid of acne if you take precautions.  

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