How to Reduce Pores on Face

How to Reduce Pores on Face : - Sebaceous glands in our body produce an oily and waxy substance which is called sebum. It offers the protection and moisturization to the skin and also serves as a waterproof mechanism for our skin. In addition, it also helps to maintain skin flexibility and also acts a hindrance from harmful toxins and bacterial or fungal infections.  So, sebum production is normal and healthy for the body as insufficient sebum levels are associated with dry skin. However, too much sebum means oily skin which tends to have larger pores. Certain parts of the face like the nose and the forehead have bigger pores as their sebaceous glands are bigger.  People with naturally oily skin have larger pores which subsequently result in the formation of acne.  Before knowing, how to minimize pores, we must first understand that apart from excess oil production what else can form pores.

how to reduce pores on face


Age is another contributing factor for the formation of pores on the skin. As we age, our skin starts losing elasticity which causes the appearance of large pores on skin. To add this, with the progression of age our skin gets thicken which causes miniscule skin cells to gather around your pores and make your pores look bigger.

Not using non-comedogenic skin care products is another cause for the larger pores to appear on the skin. Non-comedogenic means which does not clog pores and hence prevents the appearance of pores on the skin. The reason behind this is that when pores get clogged; they expand and become more noticeable.

Surprisingly, sun light is a significant factor that makes larger pores. Prolonged sun exposure thickens the skin that finally leads to bigger pores. Furthermore, sun rays dehydrate the skin and cause damage to collagen and elastin underneath your skin due to those edges of pores to get stretched and make them look bigger.

However, you cannot reduce the size of the pores but there are many ways to minimize the appearance of the pores which ultimately gives you a smoother and flawless look.


Let us have a look at some of the tips

how to reduce pores on face:

1.       Cleanse Regularly

know about how to remove pores on face

A good cleanser will wipe off the excess dirt and oil from the face without making your skin extremely dry. It is very important to wash your face with a mild, gentle, and non-comedogenic cleanser. Do not scrub hard or use hot water for washing as it may irritate your skin. Do not forget washing your face every night if you use makeup products else the pores will be blocked. Moreover, since oily skin tends to make the appearance of the pores larger than they actually are, washing face will help shed excess oil which will increase the quality appearance of the face.


2.       Tone and Moisturise

Tone and Moisturise

Toners help in skin tightening and also prevent the appearance of large pores on the face. They also help in closing the pores which are open thus, helping in preventing acne. Moisturising is of utmost importance in order to minimize pores. People with oily skin tend to believe that they do not need to moisturize the skin as the oil is already present. On the contrary, if you do not moisturise, your skin will itself produce sebum which will lead to acne breakouts.


3.       Exfoliate Properly


Skin exfoliation helps how to reduce pores on face and also help to prevent the dirt buildup that may lead to pore blockage. However, exfoliating once a month would be good for you as it will remove all the dead cells and excess flakes that can clog your pores. If you have normal skin then you can exfoliate twice a week.


4.    Choose Your Products Wisely

You must use non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested products which have clinically proven active ingredients to minimize pores. Your products must be silicone-free, sulphate-free, and parabens-free. You can use home-made oil based masks or astringent to soothe your skin and minimize the appearance of the pores.


5.    Sunscreen Protection

Unprotected sun exposure causes collagen destruction which makes fine lines and pores look more noticeable on the skin. Therefore, applying a broad Sunscreen is a must application for every kind of skin. The UV rays from the sun are very harmful and they have a long-term risk of causing cancer and premature ageing. You must apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to getting exposed in the Sun.



Eat a balanced diet


Include cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and green cabbage in your diet.


Hydrate yourself


Stay hydrated is an important step to improve overall skin health. Drinking plenty of water help in skin clearance thus helps to reduce the pore size.


Say no to


Avoid pro-inflammatory foods such as sugar and fried items such as white bread, pasta, and cakes. To know more read here



It feels annoying to see pores on your face daily. There are number of factors that trigger the appearance of large pores. Therefore, it is important to manage this problem on time; otherwise, pores get clogged with blackheads, whiteheads, sebum, and dirt. However, with a protective approach and sticking regularly with your daily skin care routine is quite beneficial to shrink the pore size and make them less visible.

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