Top 7 Tips to Tame Your Frizzy Hair at Home

Top 7 Tips To Tame Your Frizzy Hair At Home

How awesome would it be if your frizzy hair turn shiny and silky?  Envy becomes an unconscious state of emotion when you see well-kempt hair of others. Bad hair not only ruins overall look but it also corrodes your confidence to an extreme degree. There is no doubt about it that hair has always remained an important asset for both genders. If you are not virtually blessed with velvety tresses, then you just need to know “how to tame frizzy hair naturally”. 

We are here to help you in finding the most genuine ways to make your hair frizz-free.  A study published in International Journal of Trichology has elaborated the effects of hair cosmetic, vegetable oils, washing, and grooming regimen on hair health.


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Say no more frizzy hair! Try these easiest everyday tips to get rid of frizzy hair at home

  1. Opt for a sulphate-free shampoo
  2. Use a boar bristle brush
  3. Conditioner after shampoo
  4. Avoid using heating tools
  5. Don’t towel dry
  6. Weekly hot oil massage
  7. Avoid chemical treatments  

    Tips to tame your frizzy hair at home

    1. Opt for sulphate free shampoo

    Hair appears frizzy when there is a lack of moisture in the layers of hair. In this case,  hair cuticles are raised instead of flat which leads to the rough hair surface. These raised cuticles easily allow the internal moisture of hair to evaporate and make them moisture-deprived. 

    Dermatologists insist on switching your shampoo if you are dealing with dry and damaged hair. Not all the shampoos available in the market are ideal to smooth the hair texture. Hence, to tame your frizzy hair it is important to choose your shampoo wisely. Several research studies have found that SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) not only cleanses the dirt but also snatches the natural oil from hair strands.  Shampoo free of sulphate and other harsh ingredients is considered good to tame the frizzy hair.

    2. Use a boar bristle brush

    Anabel Kingsley, trichologist at Philip Kingsley explains that hair combing has a powerful impact on the scalp and hair health. Using wrong hair brushes can lead to hair breakage, split ends, frizz, and damaged cuticles.

    If you are dealing with dry ends and tangled hair, then opting for a round boar bristle brushes can be a huge help. They work well in preventing hair breakage. Besides, it is also important to know the right time to brush your tresses. You should never comb your wet hair. Damp hair is in a fragile state which make them more prone to breakage and damage.

    3. Conditioner after shampoo

    Conditioners have always been identified as one of the best frizzy hair solutions. Never underrate the importance of hair conditioning after shampoo. Several research studies have suggested that nourishing ingredients in conditioners have manifold benefits for hair. Conditioners help to keep the moisture lock in strands and offer a smooth texture to your hair.  They also help to minimize the hair friction and make your hair tangle-free.

    Inculcating a right anti-frizz conditioner is the only need of your dull and damaged hair. Hair experts find babassu oil a remarkable natural remedy to get rid of frizzy hair. The benefits of babassu oil for hair is that it helps to balance the natural oils of the scalp to attain smooth and moisturized locks.



    4. Avoid the use of heating tools

    Before knowing how to get rid of frizzy hair, you should try to figure out the cause behind frizzy hair. It has been found that frequent use of hair styling tools such as curling iron, blow dryers and straighteners can damage hair protein within hair follicles.  Just in case, if you have already caused thermal destruction to your hair, it is wise to find the best ways to prevent and repair the heat damaged hair.

    5. Don’t towel dry

    Rubbing your hair rigorously after a shower is a common habit. Air-drying your hair is a terrible idea, which can bring unimaginable damage to hair.  Wet hair is more prone to breakage and damage. Hence, be gentle to your hair and pat dry with a soft towel.  Simply, use a micro towel to absorb the moisture from hair.

    6. Weekly hot oil massage

    As per Ayurveda, massaging your hair once or twice in a week is the right approach to treat frizzy and damaged hair. Oils help in the nourishment of scalp and hair by improving the blood circulation.  Application of the hair oil and leaving it overnight helps to soothe frizzy hair. Olive and coconut milk are considered effective home remedies for frizzy and unruly hair.

    7. Avoid chemical hair treatments  

    Many research studies have suggested that chemicals hair treatments have potential harms on scalp and hair. Over-processing of hair may lead to long-term damage to the structure of the hair. Treatments like keratin can make your frizz-free temporarily, but the problem of frizzy hair revive once new hair grow.


    Top 7 tips to tame your frizzy hair at home


    Over the past few years, hair loss has become a common issue among people of all age groups.  Lack of nutrition, wrong hair care products, cosmetic hair care procedures has been recognized as one of the major causes behind the breakage-prone hair.  It is time to fix the hair mistakes, which you have been doing throughout your life. Dry, frizzy, and damaged tresses are the silent indications for severe future consequences that might come in the form of uncontrollable hair loss, thinning hairline, alopecia, pattern baldness, etc. It is better to gear up for the right solution to keep your hair safe from any danger. By following a diligent routine, no one can stop you from having a beautiful mane of silky hair now and forever. 



    Hair masks comprising the deep nourishing ingredients are important for severely damaged hair. The prime benefit of a hair mask is that they reverse the damaged hair by offering the deep nourishment to the core of each shaft meanwhile increasing the resilience to wear and tear. In this approach,  Pea protein and ceramide hair mask are known as an ideal therapy to revive the lifeless and dull hair.  Inculcating a hair mask in your hair care routine is another good habit for healthier tresses.