7 elegant hairstyles for naturally curly hair

7 Elegant Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair

Are you someone who falls back to using heating tools every morning instead of adorning your curly hair? If so, then it is high time, you recognize that the natural texture and pattern of your manes is your secret weapon to authentic elegance. We understand that finding easy hairstyle for naturally curly hair can be quite handsy. However, remember ladies, not everyone has the blessing of curly and voluminous manes. Heat and chemicals not only hides the natural beauty of your manes but also damages them in the process.  There are numerous ways to style your pretty curly hair without using heating tools. Various studies confirm that too much heat lifts the protective layers of your hair cuticles, hence causing excessive thermal damage to your curls. It is why we have brought some creative and easy solutions for your everyday problem. 


  • Messy shoulder-length curls
  • Loose curls
  • Curly updo
  • Relaxed ponytail
  • One minute side-part
  • Bouncy locks
  • Collarbone wavy curls

Hairstyles for naturally curly hair


1. Messy shoulder-length curls

The messy shoulder-length curls have been one of the most popular looks. This hairstyle will make your manes appear healthy and full of life. These natural breezy curls help to develop a gradient of thickness from the roots of your hair to the tips. It draws focus to your facial features by lightly cascading towards your shoulders.

2. Loose curls

Loose curls are easy and manageable for everyday purpose. The flexibility of loose curls will subtly highlight the natural texture of your hair. Whereas, the curlicue tendrils will taper down to an emphasis on your facial features, making you appear soft and angelic. For best results, apply a silicone-free conditioner on your curls and finger comb them lightly before rinsing it away.  

3. Curly updo

This curly updo is an easy and go-to classic hairstyle for formal get-togethers and festivities. Various stylists unravel that this high volume packed hairstyle allows you to skillfully fold the sections of your naturally curly hair up and away to show off your gorgeous face. It leaves off an impression of seal-like curls. For a more dramatic effect, you can always leave a few curly tendrils framing your face. 

4. Relaxed ponytail

The relaxed ponytail hairstyle will help you attain a sporty and carefree look on a humid day. This reliable ponytail appears dense yet lightweight. It strategically forms voluminous curls without adding any overwhelming effect to your everyday look. It is wise to remember that applying a leave-in conditioner is the key to keeping curly tendrils in control and order all day long. 

5. One minute side-part

Did you know that the best way to add volume to your curls without damaging it with chemicals or heat is by side-parting it? Yes, you heard it right! The one-minute side part hair-do artfully adds more depth and volume to your manes, making your curls appear effortlessly stylish and glamorous. 

6. Bouncy locks

This hairstyle is suitable for any age. Heaps of textured and bouncy curls flowing down your shoulders is an easily achievable everyday hairstyle. The best way to taper down any frizziness that comes with the volume of these bouncy locks is to pamper your curls with a hair conditioner. It will allow these bouncy locks to soar around your face like a soft cloud without weighing your curls down. 

7. Collarbone wavy curls

These wavy curls are a go-to hairstyle for someone who despises spending hours fussing over hair every day. The collarbone grazing length of this hairstyle helps to highlight the slim of your neck and sharp jawline while emphasizing your facial features. To make your curls more voluminous on the top of your head, you can experiment with a hair mousse or conditioner. It will add density to your hairstyle without weighing your curls down. 

7 elegant hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Embracing your natural curls wholeheartedly will not only help to attain a classy look but also make you confident. Moreover, to bring a little more freshness to your everyday curls, you can certainly try out these amazing hairstyles. Welcome the change and proudly flaunt your natural shimmer and shiny curls. 


Forming a haircare routine consisting of silicone-sulphate free shampoo and conditioner is one of the best ways in which you can ensure frizz-free manageable curls all day long. What’s more, various trichologists explain the importance of hair masks for curly hair. Hair masks contain deep moisturizing ingredients that help to lock moisture in your curls while reducing any frizziness. Hydrolysed pea protein, ceramides etc are the key ingredients in a hair mask that lends optimum hydration to your curls while restoring their elasticity. These ingredients will soften your curly tendrils while providing extra bounce and shine to your manes.