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Should you use hair mask?

Knowingly or unknowingly we all forget that our hair needs the same kind of pampering and care as our skin does. Bearing in mind, the amount of torment and maltreatment you put your hair through frequently by blasting it with heat, bounding and constraining it in knots, heat styling, curling and what not, in order to achieve perfect hairstyle every day. This results in loss of moisture in hair, that is where the need for deep conditioning aka hair masks for your hair arises.


What is a hair mask?

Hair masks are known as high power hair therapies. If you want to take your locks from pretty good to voluminous, silky tresses cascading over your shoulders then tend to remember including hair mask in your hair care regimen. A hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment which includes rich moisturizing ingredients. It assists in healing and curing of damaged hair. It helps in providing intense hydration, nourishment and strength leaving your hair velvety smooth.


What are the benefits of hair mask?

benefits of hair mask?

Each ascribe is equally essential in order to attain wonderful hair. Lack of moisture leads to brittle hair which in return tends to break easily. Most of us consider using hair mask when our hair becomes extremely damaged, however, it should be made a part of your hair care regimen. Let’s find out the benefits of hair masks.


  • Deep conditioning

    Pollution, humidity, heat styles are known as the reason behind frizzy, damaged hair and that’s where hair masks step in. Hair masks helps in reinstating moisture, repairing dry, frizzy hair. It assists in smoothening out each and every strand of hair. Hair masks tend to condition and smoothen the outer layer of your hair which is also known as cuticle and improve the overall health of your hair. Choosing the products containing right ingredients to cure your dry, frizzy, damaged hair is the main key. According to various researches, one of the key ingredients which leads to healthy moisturized hair is known as Ceramide.

    Ceramides are a class of fatty acids which are also called lipids. They are known as conditioning agents. They help in locking the nutrients and moisture in your hair. They’re used to restore hair moisture and minimize irritation. If your hair is extremely damaged and lacks moisture then hair masks containing ceramides should be your go to preference.


    • Good for the maintenance of hair colour

    Are you one of those who love to express themselves through different hair colours and styles but doesn’t, just because you are afraid of damaging your hair? If so, then let’s take your worry away. The problem behind the damage of hair due to hair dye is, that the artificial colour usually sheds after some time and if you do not take care of it as you are supposed to then it can make your hair vulnerable and weak. However, maintaining a proper hair care regimen and frequently pampering your hair with the help of hair masks, oils etc will give you a chance to play with different colours on your hair without ruining them.


    • Reduce hair loss

    Hair loss is also known as alopecia. It is one of the most common issue worldwide, attacking one- third of the population. It can be the outcome of heredity, hormonal changes happening inside your body etc. Hair masks assist in strengthening the shaft which results in restoring hair balance and reducing the hair loss. Many researches claim, that one such ingredient which is known as omega-3 fatty acid benefits the hair by boosting hair growth.

    Omega-3 fatty acids also known as omega-3. It has anti- inflammatory properties which assists in opening up your follicles and encouraging hair growth, thereby curing your hair loss. Omega-3 not only assists in curing hair loss, but also fights dandruff present in your hair and improper blood circulation of your scalp.


    • A healthier scalp

    Bad hair care habits, never ending exposure to pollution, the frequent usage of straightening and curling machines not only damages your hair but also your scalp, thereby, leaving it dry, itchy, and flaky.  However, hair masks help in restoring the optimal hydration and moisture which not only benefits your hair but also fulfils your scalp needs.


    Things to remember while working with a hair mask

    Things to remember while working with a hair mask

    A hair care treatment is never complete without a hair mask treatment. Your hair needs additional nourishment, pamper and care even though you have healthy, conditioned hair. Many researches avouch that a hair mask could be used once a week.


    • Most of you don’t realize the importance of cleaning your hair before applying a hair mask. A lot of dirt and product residue builds up in your scalp and hair length with time, which results in formation of a hair barrier around your hair shaft. It keeps your hair from absorbing any nutrient or moisture which hair mask tends to provide. In order to avoid this, wash your hair with lukewarm water and silicone-sulphate free shampoo.


    • It is essential to understand the needs of your hair. For example – If your hair strands have turned weak or lack hydration, then you may use a hair mask containing hydrolysed pea protein. It helps in recapturing the optimal hydration which your hair requires to makes it less prone to breakage.


    • Do not rub your hair while drying it as, strenuous rubbing causes cuticle damage which leads to breakage of your hair locks.


    • According to various studies, silicones, sulphates etc are known to be harmful as they provide fake shine to our hair strands. Therefore, try to avoid using hair masks containing silicones or sulphates.


    • Avoid using any comb or brush on your hair when you have a hair mask on; let your hair absorb everything it needs in order to restore itself.



    A hair care regimen is never complete without a weekly hair mask routine. Now that you know what are hair masks and what are the benefits of hair masks, there’s nothing keeping you from inculcating it into your routine. If you are suffering from dry, frizzy, damaged tresses then using a hair mask containing key ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, ceramides, hydrolysed pea protein might benefit you.




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