Top Causes Of Split Ends And Its Prevention

Top Causes Of Split Ends And Its Prevention

It’s incongruous to see that your hair tips have splintered into pieces. This downward journey toward unmanaged, frizzy, and rough hair may be the result of your certain bad hair care habits. A research study published in Annals of Dermatology has claimed the adverse effects of heating and hair treatments in damaging the hair shaft.  There is no doubt that hair influences and adds a lot to human vanity. Unruly and frizzy tresses seem difficult to manage.  However, you must understand that hair damage is not a dead-end road. Hair care experts believe that figuring out the cause and developing an ideal hair care routine is the most easiest and effective way to restore hair health.



  • Overuse of heating tools
  • Chemical treatments
  • Over washing of hair
  • Towel drying
  • Using the tight rubber bands

    Causes  of split ends

    1. Overuse of heating tools

    Anyone would love to try new and trendy hairstyles. Thanks to all straightness, blow dryer, or curly irons to give you the desired look. However, thermal treatments are the silent causes of split ends, dry and lifeless hair.  When an excessive amount of heat is applied to hair, it damages the cuticle (the outermost layer of hair) by snatching off moisture.  Lack of moisture in the cuticle makes your hair weak and prone to severe damage.

    2. Chemical treatments

    Chemical or color treatments manipulate the appearance of your hair.  You can make your straight hair look curly and curly hair permanently straight as well. During such hair processing treatments, many chemicals like bleach, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia, and so on are used to alter the structure of the hair.  Such chemicals penetrate the cortex and break the disulphide and hydrogen bonds in keratin.  The damage to the cortex largely affects the integrity of the cuticle, which leads to the appearance of split ends at hair tips.

    3. Over washing of hair

    American hairstylist Carolyn Aronson reveals that washing your hair too often can lead to dry, brittle, and lifeless hair. The overuse of shampoo disturbs the natural balance of scalp oil, which is not good for both your scalp,  skin, and hair.  The dearth of natural oils may bring the scalp irritations and the risk of getting more split ends than usual.  Hence, reducing your hair shampooing will allow your oil glands to restore enough moisture.

    4. Towel drying

    It may seem counterintuitive, but drying your wet hair with a towel can exaggerate the frizziness and roughness.  It is an easy tip to tame your frizzy hair at home. Dr. Sejal Shah, Board Certified Dermatologist opines that hair in wet state is prone to breakage.  So combing, rubbing or excessive towel drying of dump hair should be avoided to protect your hair from damage.

    5. Using tight rubber bands

    Yes, you heard it right, your hair ties also sabotage your beautiful tresses.   Most of us have the habit of yanking out our rubber bands while undoing ponytail.  Tight hair ties exert the pressure on hair roots and pull many hair strands. To add to this, repeated use of such rubber bands creates friction in hair cuticles which ultimately appear in the form of damaged hair.  Instead of rubber hands, consider using soft and smooth hair ties.


    • Buy your shampoo wisely
    • Never skip conditioner
    • Use nourishing hair mask
    • Get regular trims
    • Massage your scalp

      solutions for split ends

      1. Buy your shampoo wisely

      Your hair cleanser plays a crucial role in hair care. Opting a shampoo with moisturizing properties will not only combat the frizziness but also help in fixing your split ends. 

      2. Never skip conditioner

      Burst the myth that it is “OK” to skip conditioner after shampoo. In fact, it goes the other way round. Conditioners help to hydrate and nourish hair strands, which make them look healthier, smooth, and shiny. Moisturizing ingredients present in conditioners help to replenish the oil, which has been washed off during hair cleansing.

      3. Use a nourishing hair mask

      There are numerous benefits of using a hair mask.   A hair mask is considered an effective cure for your frayed hair.  The plant-based proteins like pea protein, ceramides, and omega 3 fatty acids are known as ideal ingredients to repair the dry, damaged, and frizzy hair.  These moisturizing agents help to retain the moisture in hair cuticles meanwhile imparting the natural shine and strength to your hair.

      4. Get regular trims

      Cutting your hair off can prevent your splits ends from getting worsen.  It becomes really tough to detangle your hair when you have split ends. Hair trims help to get rid of any damaged ends to avoid any further damage.

      5. Massage your scalp

      Scalp massage is an age-old recipe to prevent the split ends. It helps to improve the hair texture by stimulating the blood circulation to hair follicles. This process is very relaxing and you just need to massage your scalp with coconut or jojoba oil.


      Top causes of split ends and its prevention


      The broken hair ends are a clear indication of poor hair health. So it becomes so important not to ignore your hair care routine.  Brittle hair not only affects your appearance but also puts you at a greater risk of hair thinning, reduced hair growth, and excessive hair fall. Switching to the right hair care products and giving your locks a break from heating styling can help to improve the hair texture gradually.  If you strive to get gorgeous hair, start listening to your hair needs.



      Using the right kind of ingredients in the right manner can help you offer the love your hair needs. Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and silicone are widely used surfactants in hair cosmetics. Many research studies advocate that the frequent use of sulphate and silicone based shampoo and conditioner lead to moisture deprivation in hair strands which ultimately manifest into rough and weak hair.  Acknowledging the harsh ingredients when buying your hair care products will only help to preserve your hair health.



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