Sulphate and Silicone free Shampoo and Conditioner

Sulfate and Silicone free Shampoo and Conditioner Sulphate and Silicone free Shampoo and Conditioner

Sulphate and Silicone free Shampoo and Conditioner


We are in the times where grandmother’s age old secrets of oil massage and tight braids are not sufficient for keeping our hair healthy and long. So what else is needed? What can you do to get the best hair care? Many of you might not pay heed to reading this complete article and think that I shouldn’t worry because I am using hair care products of a good brand. But, the actual problem begins from here. "Silicones” and “sulphates” included in the bottle of your shampoo, conditioner or serum is the real unseen and ignored trouble.

Shampoos are generally used to cleanse off the dirt and excessive oils from our hair. Unfortunately, they also take away the necessary oils from your scalp making the hair dull, dry and rough. Hence, the need for conditioners arises in order to retain the moisture and luster of your tresses. Lately, a lot of cut-throat competition has developed in the field of hair care and brands have begun to promote their products by proving themselves above the competitive brands, while leaving the customer confused with what to opt for. Silicone-free hair shampoo & conditioners are often recommended as the best hair products to use. Let us learn what silicone and sulphate are and how they harm your hair.

Sulphate & Silicone Free Hair Shampoo & Conditioner


Why should we use Silicone Free Hair Shampoo & Conditioners?

“Silicone” in your shampoo bottle is a high alert indicator that you need to change your shampoo or conditioner without any delay. Basically, silicones are polymers comprising of oxygen and silicone atoms chained alternatively. Silicones in hair conditioner and shampoos are water-insoluble, which implies that they are difficult to wash out. Although, these silicones give you temporary happiness of synthetically shinier healthy hair, but in the longer run, they cause more harm than good to your hair. They form a waterproof coating over your hair and helps to seal the moisture in high porosity hair. After frequent and regular application of silicone hair conditioners starts to deposit its residue on the scalp called silicone build-up, which eventually starts harming the strands from its very roots. This silicone build-up obstructs the flow of nutrients, air, and oxygen to the hair shaft which ultimately leads to dull, damaged, and lifeless hair. In order to avoid these hair problems, silicone-free shampoo and conditioner are considered the safest options. For instance, Murumuru butter, Babassu oil, pea proteins, and jojoba oil are natural hair conditioning agents that not only helps to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized, but also works well to repair the dull and damaged hair.

How Sulphate-free Hair Shampoo and Conditioner work best for all hair types?

Sulphates or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is found in most of the shampoos, since it is a very effective cleansing agent and cheap, which makes it very cost-effective and best result oriented. To add to this, sulphate is also used in many household cleaning products due to its strong cleaning action. Using such strong and harsh components on your scalp and hair causes several side effects. Like silicones, sulphates too cause itchy and flaky scalp as it strips off the essential oils and moisture from your scalp. Sulphate in shampoo also damages the hair protein which leads to splits ends, brittle, and breakage prone hair. It deteriorates the hair structure which causes excessive hair fall. If you wish to save your hair from such harmful chemicals and preserve your natural beauty, use sulphate and paraben free, hair shampoo, and conditioner. However, sulphate free shampoo may not give strong foaming effects and requires extra water to rinse it off from the hair completely. On the whole, it is wiser to switch from sulphate-based shampoo to a mild and gentle shampoo for healthier hair.



For the best hair care, choose Silicone and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

Sulphate & Silicone Free Hair Shampoo & Conditioner


In terms of efficacy and safety, Silicone-free and sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners are ideal hair care preparations for scalp and hair health. Apart from eliminating the silicone and sulphate ingredients from your hair care products, you should also look for essential vitamins for hair growth and natural ingredients for strong hair. Long story short, Care, Care, and Care is the foremost thing that our hair needs and it begins when you choose your hair cleansing and hair conditioning products wisely.


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    My daughter has problem free normal long hair. Please recommend a Suitable shampoo and conditioner for her to use.
    I’m using your Hairfall control shampoo and I’m very happy with it.

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