All About A Hair Conditioner - Your Guide To Smooth Hair

All About A Hair Conditioner - Your Guide To Smooth Hair

Alexander Pope had once said, “Beauty draws us with a single hair.”

Hair is an integral part of one’s personality. One is easily attracted to good quality hair. But unfortunately, with the increase in pollution and changes in lifestyle, a lot of changes are occurring in our bodies. We often make sure to keep our face skin clean but forget that our hair requires the same amount of attention. It is only when we look up at ourselves in the mirror to get ready and set up a hairstyle of our choice that we get irritated or tensed about our hair quality.

Just like our other body parts, our hair also demands proper care and nourishment for maintenance. Tensions, depressions, heavy workloads, everything affects our body parts. While we run around the world during our busy routines to meet our daily targets, heat and sweat make our hair cry for care. Our rough lifestyle makes our hair dry and dull. One short and easy way to protect and beautify our hair is by using a hair conditioner.

What is a hair Conditioner?

It is a thick liquid based application which wraps the hair strands with oils and nourishment in order to protect them. Most of the regular shampoos are silicone and sulphate based which are very strong elements and therefore end up rinsing out even the necessary and natural hair moisture along with the dirt. They, in turn, may lead to mild skin itching, abnormal hair texture or rashness. Therefore, our hair requires conditioning after a head wash. Hair conditioners, when applied to the hair strands, develop a layer of protection which helps to retain the natural oils for the nourishment of the hair and give a smooth and shiny look.

The task of conditioning your hair isn’t a tough one. All you need to do is just liberally apply conditioner to the hair strands for two minutes after shampooing. Thereafter, you can rinse your hair thoroughly and you’re done!  You should condition your hair every time you take a head bath.

Is there any product as the ‘best’ hair conditioner?

However, the selection of a hair conditioner varies from person to person depending upon the quality of hair but one must make sure that the conditioner is dermatologically tested and silicone-free. It is important for the conditioner to be silicone-free as silicone is a safe medically tested element in conditioners which does not leave residue rather, on the contrary, it removes the residues which were deposited earlier.

Benefits of a Hair conditioner

While shampoo has the tendency to strip away moisture when it clears out the dirt from your hair, conditioner safeguards your hair from getting dull and dry. Hair conditioning is beneficial in numerous ways. The acidic nature of the hair conditioners provides a compact structure to the hair. It also helps in day to day activities like reducing tangling of hair and hair frizz. It prevents damage and breaking of hair and also replenishes the moisture that was stripped out of your hair by shampoo.



RE’EQUIL offers sulphate and silicone-free shampoos which do not damage the hair. On the contrary, they remove the residue of the silicones and sulphates of the earlier shampoos. RE’EQUIL products are dermatologically tested and therefore they make the hair smoother and shinier. Due to the absence of silicone, the pores are not clogged which leads to healthy and fast hair growth. In all ways, Re’equil products are safe and effective for all hair types.


Do not forget a beautiful quote by Khalil Gibran which is stated below

“And forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”

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