What Is Hair Loss And How To Prevent It?

What Is Hair Loss And How To Prevent It?

Hair loss which is also known as alopecia is most of the times hereditary. Environmental factors, poisoning, illness, drugs intake, hormonal changes, infections etc. all contribute to hair loss. In men, it starts from the back of the head from the top or at the temples. In women, it starts from the front of the head or in the scalp line. 

Ways to prevent hair loss

However one can always go to the doctor for treatments, one must also take precautions at his/her own level in order to get better results. Given below are the guidelines on how to prevent hair loss:


1. Take a balanced diet

You must make sure that you take Vitamin B and proteins in the right manner since hair loss is caused due to deficiency of these two things. Also, you must ensure that you take less of Vitamin A as it triggers hair loss. Taking a supplement will be like a cherry on the cake. Drinking water will do wonders!

2. Natural treatments

In order to increase the thickness of hair strands or help new hair come out, you can apply natural ingredients like hair oil, hot oil, egg, curd, lemon etc. This way, there will not be any side effect and the problem will be cured. This is the best remedy for hair loss.

3. Style smartly

Since you know that your hair is falling at an increasing and alarming rate, the very first step that you can do on your own is to style your hair rightly. Do not comb them backward or tie them tightly. Avoid using chemicals or heating instruments on your hair for styling. Choose effective hair care products for hair loss.

4. Avoid plastic combs

Most of the people recommend using a plastic comb when asked how to prevent hair loss. You must use handmade wooden combs as they distribute the oil from your scalp to the hair and thus safeguard your hair from dying out. This way, even the scalp does not remain greasy. Plastic combs, on the other hand, snap your hair rather than nourishing them. Do not comb your hair while they are wet as that is the time when the chances of hair breaking are the most.

5. Towel dry the right way

You must gently dry your hair with the towel after a head bath and let it dry naturally. If you will rub your hair with the towel in order to make them dry fast, they will end up getting tangled and therefore, the chances of breaking will be more. 

6. Take head bath twice a week

In order to keep your scalp clean, you must take a head bath at least twice a week with a mild and gentle shampoo and conditioner in order to remove all the dust and dirt from your hair. This will open up the pores and help the air pass through your hair. Do not over wash as it will take away the necessary oils and moisture from your hair.


Recommended Product To Prevent Hair Loss

Apart from trying the above remedies for hair loss, you must use dermatologically recommended hair shampoo and conditioner. Silicone-free and sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner are offered by Re’equil which are dermatologically tested. You can use Re’equil’s Hair Fall control shampoo and serum which is specifically designed for preventing hair fall. Along with controlling hair fall, it also gives a lustrous, moisturised, healthy and naturally shiny look. The absence of silicone helps the pores to open which provides fast and healthy hair growth. Its products are safe and effective for all hair types as it provides ’effective and honest cosmeceuticals.’