What Does Hair Conditioner Do To Your Hair?

What Does Hair Conditioner Do To Your Hair?

Hair conditioner is used all over the world to provide conditioning and nourishment the hair. Just like our skin, our hair also needs needs nourishment and hydration. Without proper moisturisation, hair tends to become dry, brittle and frizzy. In order to avoid this, one needs to condition hair from time to time and keep it healthy and nourished a conditioner does just this. 

What’s conditioner used for?

As mentioned above hair condition is used to provide nourishment and condition to the hair. A good conditioner can repair the damage caused to the hair due to styling, improper diet and environmental factors like dust and pollution. Because of all these things, our hair undergoes a lot and to reverse that damage, conditioner is a must. 

How often should we condition our hair?

Ideally, conditioner should be applied right after you shampoo your hair. This is so because shampooing cleans the hair and scalp and makes the hair fresh and clean. Just like we apply a moisturiser right after washing the face, we should apply conditioner right after washing our hair. So, the conditioner should be used as often as you wash your hair. Twice or thrice a week is sufficient. Many shampoos tend to rob the hair of its natural oils and nourishment, therefore using a conditioner is mandatory after every wash.

What is the role of silicone in hair conditioners? 

Silicone based conditioners are very common in the market. Even if a conditioner is not marketed as a silicone based one, it still might have a high quantity of silicones in it. The role of silicones is to provide softness and smoothness to the hair. However, this softness and smoothness is actually temporary. Silicones get deposited on the surface of the hair strand and this leads to the deposits of silicone becoming really thick and irritating. These deposits then become a deterrent to the hair health and cause several hair problems and degrade the health of the hair. It gets extremely hard to get rid of this silicone then. So, silicone based products, be it shampoos, conditioners, serums or anything else, must be avoided at all costs. 

Which conditioner is safe for hair?



If you are looking for a conditioner that is safe for your hair and also effective then you should try the Re’equil Murumuru Damage Repair Conditioner. This conditioner is especially formulated to provide damage control to hair that has been damaged due to improper hair care, dietary insufficiencies, environmental issues or illnesses of some sort. Damage might also be caused due to chemical treatments, too much hair styling with heat techniques and genetic reasons. Whatever is the reason, this hair conditioner can help repair all sorts of hair damage and make your hair fresh and healthy. This conditioner is formulated using Murumuru butter that is found naturally in Amazon rainforests. It is a natural alternative to the conditioning agents that are silicone based. This is extremely light and does not clog the pores. Thus your scalp is able to breathe and feel light. This allows the hair follicles to be healthy and in result the hair grows longer and stronger. 

Re’equil Murumuru Damage Repair Conditioner contains clinically proven actives and is dermatologically tested. This is not a product that has been tested on animals and is completely cruelty free. 

Another benefit of this conditioner is that is completely free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil and sulphates. These ingredients are not healthy for the hair and the scalp. Parabens are preservatives that are linked to several side effects and are best avoided. Similarly mineral oils and sulphates are very harmful for your hair and scalp. This is why this conditioner is safe for all kinds of sensitive scalps like acne prone scalp or dry and itchy scalp. Re’equil Murumuru Damage Repair conditioner is a great product to repair dull and damaged hair and make hair long and strong.

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