Blind Pimple: Its Causes And Treatment

Blind Pimple: Its Causes And Treatment

Anything deeper than the skin either makes you feel worse or best. When best emotions reach out to every corner of your heart, you become more alive. Far from it, it is so exasperating when you wake up every morning looking for the ways to endure your pain with patience. Skin problems like blind pimples (acne underneath the skin) not only give annoying ache to your body but also cause emotional distress. Adding up, while dealing with painful bumps, your confidence also tends to hit rock bottom. 

We are here to understand your frustration and pain and also help you find the right solution. A research study published in The Postgraduate Medical Journal (PMJ) has elaborated that addressing the underlying causes of the condition, following the topical treatments, and busting certain misconceptions can help in the prevention of the recurrence of acute acne. 


Skin care experts explain that blind pimple forms when your body produces an excess of certain hormones. Skin’s sebaceous glands become overactive due to the hormonal surge. Too much sebum in pores openings attracts the dirt and bacteria for clogging of pores, which ultimately leads to small bumps under the skin. This deeply rooted acne are quite painful than normal acne. In women, blind pimples usually appear around the menstrual cycle. 

5 Best Solutions 

  • Apply a warm compress
  • Try green tea bags home remedy
  • Never squeeze your blind zit
  • Use tea tree oil
  • Opt over the counter (OTC) treatments

Blind Pimple Solution

1. Apply a warm compress

American Academy of Dermatology points out the benefits of a hot compress for painful pimples under the skin. Applying a warm compress is found to ease the pain while releasing the pus from the pimple. To make a warm compress, all your need is a clean cotton cloth and hot water. Soak the cloth in water and wait for your compress to turn a little cool before placing it on your face. Hold it on your face for a few minutes. This warm compress will help to soften the pore openings.

2. Try green tea bags home remedy

 An international journal research study has evaluated the topical efficacy of green tea polyphones in the treatment and prevention of acne vulgaris. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of polyphenols help to provide relief in pain and swelling along with speeding up wound healing.  A cold compress of green tea bags is considered an effective way to get rid of pesky pimples. Place 3-4 bags of green tea in the refrigerator and after a few hours press them gently against your inflamed bumps.  

3. Never squeeze your blind zit

How you care about your skin while having the pimple or any other skin inflammation plays an important role in the wound healing process. Unfortunately, wrong practices like popping zit can not only worsen your acne infection but also lead to scarring. Dermatologists explain that extracting the pimple on the skin surface is not a potent solution. In the course of time, you will be noticing that a new pimple has begun to protrude under your skin.

4. Use tea tree oil

There is no wonder that tea tree oil has always been considered an effective home remedy for acne prone skin. Research studies mentioned in The Medical Journal of Australia have also claimed that antimicrobial activities of tea tree oil help to reduce and heal the inflamed and non-inflamed lesions in people suffering from acne. Tea tree oil contains a phytochemical compound called terpene, which kills the skin infection-causing microbes. You can apply diluted tea tree oil on your affected skin area with the help of a cotton ball. However, before using the tea tree oil on your skin it is advised to do a small patch test. 

5. Opt over the counter (OTC) treatments

Over the counter products like acne clarifying gel is also a wise approach to treat and prevent your blind acne. For the treatment of active acne, ingredients like BHAs, AHAs, Rice Bran, Boswellia Serrata & Scutellaria Extract are highly appreciated by skin care experts. Anti-inflammatory, skin healing, and antimicrobial action of such ingredients not only speeds up acne healing but also prevents the future risk of developing acne.



Blind Pimple: Its Causes And Treatment


Unlike mild acne, blind pimples are severe because they involve the deeper layers of skin.  Dermatologists point out that acute inflammatory acne lesions may cause unusual textural changes to the epidermis in the form of atrophic scars.  Seeing acne lurking underneath your skin and treating it in the first place is the least you can do to get smooth and flawless skin.


In most cases, natural remedies or over the counter products work well to get rid of painful lumps beneath the skin. Despite trying OTC treatment, if you do not see a significant improvement or start experiencing more severe pain, you should see a dermatologist. The doctor will examine your skin to figure out the severity of your problem. The oral acne medicines in conjunction with anti-acne skin regimen are the common treatments that are usually prescribed by dermatologists to people dealing with acne under skin.

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