What Is The Best Thing For Dandruff? Know here

What Is The Best Thing For Dandruff? Know here

Dandruff is one hair problem which is recurring and very troublesome. Anyone who has ever experienced this problem will know how irritating it can be. One of the worst things about dandruff is that not only is it a pesky problem, it also causes so many other problems like skin trouble, itchy scalp and so on.  Below are a few causes that might be triggering dandruff. 

What Are The General Causes Of Dandruff?

1. Stress

It is believed that stress can aggravate your dandruff. If you are often under stress than you are likely to itch more. Having dandruff means your scalp will be itchy all the time. Scratching the scalp very often will only make it more dry and itchy. 

2. Fungus 

Dandruff is often caused by fungal infection that causes the skin to become dry and hence cause dandruff. This fungus needs to be treated in order to treat the dandruff problem.

3. Using too many styling techniques regularly 

If you use hair straighteners, hair curlers and blow dryers regularly and often, you are bound to get dandruff sooner or later.

4. Using styling products 

Other than styling techniques, stylish products like hair gels, waxes, heavy sprays and other products that are sued to hold the hair style might also be the cause of dandruff as these will block the pores and if you have a fungal infection, it will be aggravated it such products.  

5. A bad diet 

Eating too much of oily food can also make dandruff a big problem. Consuming a healthy and normal diet is necessary to keep the skin and hair healthy. So, avoid eating out a lot and try having only healthy and nutritional meals.

6. Not shampooing enough 

Dandruff breeds in the oil that gets accumulated on the scalp. If you want to get rid of the oil and sebum from the scalp the only way to do so is by shampooing the hair well. Shampooing just once a week is not enough. You should use a good anti dandruff shampoo at least thrice a week in order to keep shampoo away. 

What is the best solution for dandruff?

The best way to deal with dandruff is to use an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly. An anti-dandruff shampoo should be mild, non-drying and sulphate free .A good anti-dandruff shampoo should be able to control the occurrence of dandruff to give you a clean and healthy scalp. A dandruff control shampoo must also be able to soothe the skin on the scalp as the skin often gets irritated due to dandruff and itchiness.

Re'equil Dandruff Control Shampoo is a mild and gentle shampoo that helps bring dandruff under control without irritating the skin on the scalp. This shampoo is free from sulphates, parabens and silicones. It is a healthy shampoo for a healthy scalp. Parabens are preservatives that are found harmful for the human body in the long run. Thus, one should prefer products that do not contain these. Also, sulphates and silicones are also not good for the scalp’s health as these can block the pores and cause further damage. 

Re'equil Dandruff Control Shampoo is formulated using 7 botanical extracts of Seaweed, Great Burdock, Watercress, Common Soapwort, Lemon, Ivy and Sage. These are known for their anti-dandruff properties and together these contribute to a healthy scalp and also calm and soothe the scalp. This dandruff control shampoo is contains active ingredient like Piroctone Olamine that is clinically proven for its ant-fungal properties. This shampoo is dermatologically tested and is not tested on animals. 

It is easy to use this shampoo. Just use the way you would use any normal shampoo, by massaging onto wet hair and scalp. Rinse with water. Using this thrice a week will greatly help in controlling dandruff and giving you complete respite from this problem. The shampoo contains natural extracts that will give you not only freedom from dandruff but will also make your hair soft and smooth. It will help you get strong, healthy and beautiful hair. 



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