Dandruff Control Shampoo

Dandruff Control Shampoo

Reduces dandruff | Soothes scalp | Prevents itching

Sulphate Free

Paraben free

Silicone free

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How does dandruff occur?

Dandruff starts as normal skin cell shedding on the scalp, but gets kicked into overdrive. Triggers like Malassezia yeast, oily scalp and dry skin can irritate the scalp, causing rapid cell turnover. These dead cells clump and shed as noticeable flakes, creating the dandruff you see. Dandruff Control Shampoo helps with mild to moderate dandruff and shows visible change from the first wash.

Effective cleansing action helps clear dandruff

Dandruff Control Shampoo is formulated with Piroctone Olamine and Zinc Pyrithione. It helps effectively eliminate triggers like excess oil on the scalp, which makes it a breeding ground for Malassezia fungi. It also helps loosen and remove flakes, and maintain a healthy scalp environment.

Prevents overdrying of scalp

Unlike regular anti-dandruff shampoos that cause excessive dryness on the scalp, Dandruff Control Shampoo is free from sulphates and silicone, which prevents overdrying of the scalp. This helps maintain an adequate moisture balance on the scalp, which can flare up dandruff, if disrupted.

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How To Use

Massage desired quantity onto wet hair to form lather. Wait for 1 minute and then rinse thoroughly. For best results, use minimum three times a week.

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I have greasy dandruff. Will it work?

For tough, greasy and stubborn dandruff, the anti dandruff agents need to stay on the scalp for a longer duration. Thus, requires an additional step along with this shampoo. We recommend using our Pre Wash Anti Recurrence Dandruff Lotion a night before using this shampoo.

Which conditioner should I use with this shampoo?

We recommend using any silicone free conditioner. Re'equil Babassu Anti Frizz and Smoothening Conditioner would form a great choice with this shampoo.

How often should I use it?

You should use it like your regular shampoo. It is mild enough to be used daily. We recommend using it thrice a week.

Using a mild, dandruff-free shampoo helps restore healthy scalp environment and prevent dandruff.

Gentle and effective cleansing

Helps loosen and clear dandruff flakes 

Makes scalp healthy

Restores healthy scalp balance 

Gentle and effective cleansing

Helps loosen and clear dandruff flakes 

Makes scalp healthy

Restores healthy scalp balance 

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Dr. Aseem Sharma
Chief Dermatologist

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