Vitamin E - The New Skin Care Essential

Vitamin E - The New Skin Care Essential Vitamin E - The New Skin Care Essential

Vitamin E - The New Skin Care Essential


With a staggering range of novelty ingredients being introduced in the skin care market every day, the already established ingredients have lost its importance. Vitamin E is one such long-forgotten, versatile ingredient lauded with extensive skin care benefits. However, with a drastic change in time and situation, this potent ingredient is winning back its well-deserved position in the hearts of skin care fanatics. So, if you are someone who is meticulously seeking ways to improve your skin health then take a breather and welcome this ‘old favourite’ skin care essential in your regime.  

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a super ingredient which is also known as alpha-tocopherol. It is basically a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as a potent antioxidant. It protects your cell membranes against the free-radicals present in the environment. Studies have shown that Vitamin E helps to boost the blood flow, hence improving your overall health while offering numerous skin benefits. 


  • Prevents skin ageing
  • Improves dry skin
  • Reduces sun damage
  • Provides deep cleansing
Benefits of Vitamin E

1. Prevents skin ageing

Are you constantly on a lookout for a ‘golden elixir’ which can help you reverse signs of ageing effectively? If so, then vitamin E is your ultimate BFF! Vitamin E enhances the production of the protein collagen which helps in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Furthermore, a study published by the ISRN Dermatology has found that the abundant dose of antioxidants present in Vitamin E helps in treating and slowing down the signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines etc.

2. Improves dry skin

Numerous skin specialists recommend including vitamin E in every day skin care regime due to its oil-soluble properties. The experts explain that the oil-soluble property present in vitamin E delivers a heavier consistency when compared to the water-soluble product. This helps to prevent any loss of moisture alongside providing optimum nourishment and hydration to your skin. In order words, it restores and rejuvenates your skin from within while helping you attain healthy and supple skin. Owing to its incredible moisturizing properties, an older study from 1998 states that Vitamin E oil can also be helpful while treating mild psoriasis. 

3. Reduces sun damage

Improper protection against harmful sun rays can likely lead to numerous skin woes. A research article presented in the U.S. Journal of Medicine has found that the free radicals caused by the UV rays can lead to the development of dark spots along with sunburn. This is where the necessity of incorporating Vitamin E in your skin care regime becomes perceptible. Vitamin E restores and soothes your skin while preventing any further damage. 

4. Provides deep cleansing

Vitamin E is an emollient due to its excellent oil-based properties. It helps to ward off any dirt, impurities, dead skin cells present in your skin pores while regulating the pH level of your skin. This eventually delivers healthy and squeaky-clean skin. 



Vitamin E can become a substantial addition to your every day skin care routine. Leading dermatologists state that vitamin E compliments a broad-spectrum sunscreen greatly. Parenthetically, a research article published in 2012 concluded that vitamin E delivers photo-protective purposes. When combined with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, it is known to provide thrice the amount of protection against harmful environmental factors and ultraviolet radiations. 

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