5 Quickest Ways To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes

5 Quickest Ways To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes

5 Quickest Ways To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes


Eyes tell the truth. 

Ever imagined what does puffiness, dark circles, crow’s feet indicate about your behavior towards your eyes? Vibrant and beautiful eyes improve your expression and accentuate your overall personality.  Not having flawless and plump under eyes areas tend to make you look aged and worn out. Sunken eyes (dark hollows under eyes) have become a constant cause of distress among both males and females these days. Your poor lifestyle habits, lack of skin care, and oxidative stress are blamed to be sabotaging delicate skin around your eyes.

Undoubtedly, finding how to get rid of sunken eyes among gazillions of remedies present on the internet can be confusing and frustrating. You are not alone with this.

The good news is, there is a range of home remedies and topical ingredients for fading away sunken eyes and attain flawless and fresh under eye area. A 2015 study has demonstrated the efficacy of certain remedies and tips to help you cure sunken eyes effectively. Read below to know the symptoms, causes and how to get rid of sunken eyes.  

 5 Quickest Ways To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes

Causes of sunken eyes

 Here are some top reasons behind sunken eyes -

1. Ageing

With the progression in age, your body starts to lose collagen. Top dermatologists explain that loss of collagen is first visible in the skin surrounding your eyes, resulting in sunken eyes.

2. Drastic weight loss

Rapid weight loss is known as one of the most common reasons behind sunken eyes and dark circles. A 2017 study demonstrates that drastic weight loss causes the blood vessels surrounding your eyes to turn prominent. Furthermore, excessive loss of fat causes vitamin and iron deficiency, therefore causing sunken eyes.

3. Lack of sleep

Needless to say, sunken eyes are one of the most common sleep deprivation affect on your skin.  Many studies have cited that lack of sleep or disrupted sleep not only causes sunken eyes but also leads to hyperpigmentation around your eyes. 

4. Overexposure of sun

Excessive exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun stimulate melanin production in your skin. When the delicate skin surrounding your eyes comes into frequent contact with harmful sun rays, they tend to darken, thereby creating a shadow-like appearance of sunken eyes. 

5. Genetics

Genetics is yet another common reason behind sunken eyes. Studies explain that if one of your family members deals with sunken eyes, then you are more than likely to be susceptible to it.

Top 5 ways to get rid of sunken eyes
1. Under-eye cream

Under-eye creams are known as the best treatment for dark circles and sunken eyes. They soften any small wrinkles present while thickening your skin to rescue the appearance of hollow or sunken eyes.

Under-eye creams that contain antioxidant ingredients help to improve skin firmness and elasticity. Including a good under eye cream in your skin care regimen is a good preventive measure against fine lines, dark circles, sunken eyes, and under-eye puffiness.


5 quickest ways to get rid of sunken eyes

2. Sound sleep

Sleeping helps your skin cells to regenerate. According to a study presented in the National Sleep Foundation, getting at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep helps to treat sunken eyes. Aside from that, it helps to reduce signs of ageing like fine lines, sagginess, wrinkles etc., while curbing dark circles. 

Note -

Be cautious about digital eye strain. It often leads to dry eyes and puts an extra burden on the muscles that help the eye focus. Asia Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology published a review on Digital Screen Use and Dry Eye elucidating how digital strain leads to dry eyes and more issues. 

3. Home remedies 

It has been found that certain natural ingredients help to cure sunken eyes. 

Green tea bags

Countless skin specialists reveal that you can easily and effectively fade the hollowness under your eyes by using tea bags. Green tea contains antioxidants and flavonoids, which helps to improve blood circulation when applied to the affected area. Furthermore, if you wear glasses and you are looking for how to get rid of sunken eyes, you can give this amazing home remedy a try.

Directions to use
  • Refrigerate 2 green tea bags overnight. 
  • The next morning, place the tea bags on your eyes for 20 minutes.
  • Allow your eye muscles to relax before rinsing your face with water. 
Potato juice

Potato juice is known as the best remedy to remove under eye dark circles and heal sunken eyes. What’s more, various research studies show that potato juice provides nourishment to the skin surrounding your eyes, thereby making them soft and supple. In addition, it helps in improving the pigmented spots.

Directions to use
  • Chop potato in small pieces before blending it with a blender or food processor to a juice-like consistency.
  • Transfer the potato juice to a bowl and allow it to cool for 20 minutes. 
  • Apply the potato juice with the help of a cotton ball. 
  • Allow the juice to dry before rinsing it off with water.
4. Dermal fillers  

Dermal fillers are one of the popular treatments to cure sunken eyes easily. Top skin specialists explain that in this procedure, hyaluronic acid fillers are injected in the hollow area of the skin surrounding your eyes, lending natural-looking results. 

However some studies show that it might lead to some allergic reactions, bruising, and some other severe affects as well.

5. Healthy diet

Intake of fruits which are a great source of vitamin C plays a major role to boost collagen production in the skin. It targets the fine lines, under-eye darkness and sunken eyes concerns effectively.

Fruits and vegetables are highly rich in antioxidants which neutralize the free radical damage to keep delicate skin surrounding your eyes healthy and flawless.

Despite all the theories, it is crucial to recognize that the main culprits behind sunken eyes boil down to two main components: poor daily habits and lack of information. The reason you have a vanity full of failed under-eye treatments can be because those products weren’t capable of tackling the root cause. However, ignoring the problem will cause more harm than good to the skin surrounding your eyes. Therefore, examining and addressing the cause behind sunken eyes and including these amazing solutions will help to cure sunken eyes easily.


It is wise to acknowledge that your under-eye skin is extremely sensitive and delicate. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), unprotected sun exposure can cause significant harm to your under-eye area. On this ground, we would advise you to invest in a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going outdoors helps to minimize the potential harms of both UVA & UVB rays. In addition, it prevents premature signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, sunken eyes etc.



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