Reasons for Adult Acne

Reasons for Adult Acne

Do you often blame those uninvited fat zits for spoiling your party mood?  Battling acne on the face is one of the most frustrating situations during adulthood. There is no surprise that self-conscious emotions are high during this transitional state. Skin problems like acne, influence your psychological health largely which make you feel less confident and less empowered. If you are dealing with acne, you should be more conscious to cheer up your mood.

A research study published in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology has claimed that stress exacerbates the flare-up among young people.  However, evidence suggests that there are a lot of other culprits behind breakouts. Hence, figuring out causes behind breakouts make it easier to treat and prevent the recurring episodes of acne. 



Top Reasons for adult acne

  • Stress 
  • Large Pores
  • Face cleanser 
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diet
  • Pregnancy or pre-menopause
  • Pollution


    Top Reasons for adult acne

    1. Stress

    In the 21st century, stress has been acknowledged as one of the biggest causes of several skin woes, especially acne. Various research studies claim that stress triggers acne vulgaris infection.  Elevated levels of stress hormone cortisol stimulate the functions of sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum for acne formation.

    Important tip

    Practicing breathing pranayama, meditation, and some physical activity every day are really good ways to relieve your stress levels.

    2. Large Pores

    Dermatologist opines that large pores on the face make you more prone to breakouts. Open pores easily become clogged with grime, dead cells, and bacteria which result in pus-filled pimples. In order to protect your skin from acne breakouts, you must prevent large facial pores.

    Important tip

    The use of home remedies for large pores and inculcating a face toner in daily skin care regimen may considerably help to shrink the pores size.



    3. Face cleanser

    If you have oily or acne-prone skin, then it is prudent to check out ingredients while buying face wash. Sometimes, harsh surfactants found in your face wash strip-down all-natural oils from skin while removing the dirt and impurities. Hence, to replenish the moisture levels in the skin, your body makes sebaceous glands overwork which finally causes acne.

    Important tip

    The face wash having anti-acne ingredients and antibacterial action is considered ideal for people with acne-prone skin.  Many research findings unveil that Zinc PCA based face wash helps to balance the sebum production in inflammatory skin conditions.



    4. Hormonal changes

    Hormonal fluctuations during the teenage years may also contribute to adult acne. Dermatologist Dr. Yang explains that acne appearing around the jawline are usually due to increased levels of androgen hormones.  High levels of testosterone hormone increase oil production and clogging of pores.

    Important tip

    It is wise to seek medical attention if you experience the period acne, irregular menstruation cycle, or stubborn acne.  Your doctor will be able to identify which hormones are causing acne.

    5. Diet

    You are more likely to have acne on your face if you consume junk food and carbonated drinks regularly. Such foods are known to spike insulin levels in the body, which increases the risk of having acne. Excess levels of insulin boost the sebum production for acne formation.

    Important tip

    Intake of low glycemic foods helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels which subsequently reduces the chances of acne.

    6. Pregnancy or Pre-menopause

    Most of the time, hormonal changes occur during pregnancy when pre-menopause occurs.  Hormonal imbalance increases oil production, which results in clogged pores, which leads to inflammation, bacterial infection, and pustules.

    Important tip

    Over the counter (OTC), products are found good to treat the acne during pregnancy. However, if you are dealing with severe cystic acne, you can use prescribed topical ointments.

    7. Pollution

    An increase in the pollution levels in our environment is badly affecting our health and skin. The dirt, toxic materials, and other impurities keep accumulating which gives birth to bacterial infections.  In addition, harsh air pollutants also sabotage the skin’s barrier functions  which cause premature skin aging, blemishes, and dull skin.

    Important tip

    Following a right night skin care routine is very important to get rid of grime, make residues and impurities deposited on the face. It will not only help to keep your skin clean but also aid in skin rejuvenation.


    Top Reasons for adult acne


    As per dermatologists, acne that persists for longer duration increases the risk of acne scars, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and damaged skin. When a pimple pops up on your face, you should look for the right treatment without letting it worsen. Over the counter, products are considered quite effective to manage mild acne. Pimple is a very common skin condition, which is pretty manageable. Opting for a healthy lifestyle while religiously following an ideal daily skin care routine is a super-secret for acne free and healthy skin.



    Acne forms when your hair follicles become clogged. Comedogenic skin care products are the biggest enemy of your skin. Such products block the pores, which ultimately lead to acne breakouts. Not only this, but clogged pores also make your skin more prone to skin discolorations, blemishes, and dark patches. On the contrary, “non- comedogenic products'' reduce the potential risk of pores blockage.


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