Is Onion Juice Good for Hair Loss and How to Apply

Onion Juice Good for Hair Loss and How to Apply Is Onion Juice Good for Hair Loss and How to Apply

Is Onion Juice Good for Hair Loss and How to Apply

Benefits of onion juice for hair are a new fad and people world over are frenzied to try this hair loss remedy. In our too much desperation to achieve desired results, sometimes we avoid unforeseen consequences. This natural cure may not go well with people who have sensitive skin or have been through any allergic reactions earlier. Loaded with higher levels of sulphur, vitamin A, and other essential chemical constituents, this remedy works effectively for hair loss. Sadly, little known fact is that excess amount of any of these mentioned components may compromise your hair health instead of benefits.

Several studies over the time have suggested that application of onion juice for dandruff and hair growth is found to be associated with these adverse effects –

1.  Itchiness of scalp

Is onion juice good for hair loss

High sulphur content in onion juice makes it an effective remedy for hair fall. However, if these sulphate residues remain on the scalp even after washing your hair, then it leads to itchiness of the scalp. If you are looking to make your hair grow with onion juice, then make sure that you wash your scalp properly after applying the onion juice.

2. Strong unpleasant smell

Is onion juice good for hair loss

The strong unpleasant smell of onion can be unbearable for any of us. After applying onion juice, people use chemical-based products to get rid of its strong aroma. Hence, instead of preventing hair fall, unknowingly you may be causing more damage to your hair.

3. Burning sensation on the scalp

Is onion juice good for hair loss

High sulphur content in onion juice is responsible for hair growth. However, this sulphur content may also result in a burning sensation on the scalp. If you experience any burning sensation on the scalp after applying onion juice, then it is advisable to rinse off scalp with water immediately.

4. Scalp Eczema

Scalp eczema is one among the most severe side effects after the use of onion juice. Sulphur in onion strips off the natural oils that moisturizes the hair, thereby leading to eczema.  Hence, drawbacks of onion juice should be kept in the mind before using it.

Is onion juice home remedy effective and safe?

Till date, there are no clear scientific evidences that support the effectiveness of onion juice for hair fall or hair regrowth. More researches are needed to understand the exact effects of onion juice on hair health. Meanwhile, it is suggested that onion juice is not a solution for alopecia or pattern baldness. It only supports hair growth but not reverses the process of hair loss. There are several side effects associated with its use; thereby it becomes imperative to have a thorough understanding before trying anything on your skin or hair. The type of skin sensitivity may vary from person to person. Especially, people with a known history of any allergic reaction or sensitive skin must consult their doctor before trying any such remedy.

What are other effective natural ways to treat hair fall than onion juice?

You cannot ignore hair fall, because if left untreated it becomes tough to manage later.  There are several natural ways that work effectively to strengthen the hair roots, revive hair growth, and balance the hair growth cycle effectively. Here we are listing some effective natural solutions for managing hair fall related issues -

1. Water cress
Is onion juice good for hair loss


Its scientific name is Nasturtium officinale. It is a perennial herb, found in aquatic areas such as ditches, cold water, and streams. This herb is packed with many medicinal properties that help to treat several skin and hair related problems. It has been found that the juice of the leaves of this herb helps to treat eczema, rashes, and certain types of skin infections. In addition, watercress has remarkable benefits to manage hair loss problems. Being a great source of vitamins, trace minerals, and other essential micronutrients, it serves as an effective natural treatment to curb hair fall.



2. Indian cress

Is onion juice good for hair loss

Its scientific name is Tropaeolum majus. It is a perennial herb that can flourish almost everywhere, especially in shrub land, gardens, wetland, roadsides, railways, and stream lands. Along with treating internal health conditions, it works effectively to manage skin and hair related problems. Traditionally, use of this herb is found to be very helpful in stimulating hair growth. External use of this herb is significant in managing hair thinning, baldness, and reduces hair growth issues. It accelerates the supply of blood and oxygen to hair follicles and promotes hair growth by reviving hair follicles that are in the dormant phase.

3. Vitamin B3

Is onion juice good for hair loss

It is also called Niacin, an important vitamin of B family. This vitamin helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. Another important function is to improve the blood circulation and oxygen supply to hair follicles. In addition, Vitamin B3 is packed with scalp nourishing and re-hydration properties that help strengthen the strands of hair.

 4. Vitamin B5
Is onion juice good for hair loss


The major role of Vitamin B5 is conversion of food into energy for nourishment of cells. In the absence of this vitamin, hair follicles do not get proper nutrients that lead to reduced hair growth and even more hair loss. Use of hair care products containing decent concentrations of vitamin B5 helps to keep hair stronger, healthier, and voluminous.

 5. B7 (Biotin or Vitamin H)

Is onion juice good for hair loss


B7 is also called hair growth vitamin as it increases hair growth, repairs brittle hair, and supports healthy hair. Alopecia or hair loss is one of the major complications associated with Vitamin B7 deficiency. The use of Biotin is known to be very effective for those who are suffering from baldness, excess hair fall, and breakage-prone hair.


Hair loss is a troublesome problem affecting many people these days. To overcome this issue, you come across many solutions including home remedies, medications, hair care products and hair transplant treatments. However, it is important to read the facts thoroughly before trying anything because whatever has worked best for others, it is not necessary it will be equally effective for you. We are all born with different type of skin and levels of sensitivity.  It is your hair, your skin and your body, so you are one who has to protect it better.

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