Does Onion Juice Control Hair Loss? Discover the Shocking Truth

Does Onion Juice Control Hair Loss? Discover The Shocking Truth

With onion juice being the most popular (and hyped) remedy on the internet, people from all across the globe are more than keen on trying it out to treat their hair loss. 

Loaded with higher levels of sulphur, vitamin A, and other essential chemical constituents, this remedy might work for hair loss. Although, the excess amount of it can compromise your hair integrity. 

What’s more, this natural cure may not go well with people who have sensitive skin and is likely to cause allergic reactions.

Several studies over the time have elaborated the numerous adverse effects that consistent application of onion juice can lead to -

  • High sulphur content in onion juice leads to itchiness of scalp
  • Strong unpleasant smell of onion juice
  • Lack of moisture can cause dry scalp
  • Sulphur overdose can lead to scalp eczema
  • May lead to hair fall

1. High sulphur content in onion juice leads to Itchiness of scalp

High sulphur content present in onion juice makes it an effective home remedy for hair fall. However, if these sulphate residues remain on the scalp post-wash, then it may lead to itchiness of the scalp.

Including a mild shampoo while exfoliating your scalp every once a week can help you effectively control hair fall  by washing away any residual.

2. Strong unpleasant smell of onion juice

The collagen present in onions is known to be the primary cause behind the unpleasant odor. 

To get rid of that foul smell of onion juice, people often opt for strong fragrance based cleansers that tend to result in hair fall while unknowingly causing more damage to your hair.

3. Lack Of moisture can cause dry scalp 

Do you often find your scalp itching or extremely dry after using onion juice?

Here’s why!

Regularly using onion juice can withdraw essential oil and moisture from the scalp ultimately causing dryness and inadequacy of nutrients. 

4. Sulphur overdose can lead to scalp eczema

Scalp eczema is one of the most severe side effects of onion juice. 

The excessive use of sulphur can cause pain and uneasy situations such as dryness, inflammation in the scalp, eventually leading to eczema. 

5. May lead to hair fall

Using an outrageous amount of sulphur content in onion juice may cause burn and itching that can damage your hair follicles. 

Regular scratching due to itching can weaken your hair roots that ultimately result in hair fall.

Fact behind onion juice remedy for hairfall

So far, there is no clear scientific evidence that upholds the effectiveness of onion juice to control hair fall. It is suggested that onion juice is not a solution for alopecia or pattern baldness.

The sulphur content present in onion juice may support hair growth, but it does not reverse the process of hair loss

Safer and effective alternative to treat hair fall other than onion juice 

  • AnaGain
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B7 

1. AnaGain 

AnaGain  is obtained from organic pea sprouts that stimulate proliferation of dermal papilla cells to reduce hair fall .

Dermal papilla plays an important role in promoting hair growth. is to supply blood to the follicles that is very important for survival of follics.

2. Vitamin B3

It is also called niacin, an important vitamin of the B family.This vitamin helps in conversion of carbohydrates into energy and improves the blood circulation and oxygen supply to hair follicles.

In addition, Vitamin B3 is packed with scalp nourishing and re-hydrating properties that help strengthen the hair strands.

3. Vitamin B5

The major role of Vitamin B5 is conversion of food into energy for nourishment of cells. Lack of vitamins can result in hair loss due to the absence of nutrients for your hair follicles. 

Using hair care products containing decent concentrations of vitamin B5 helps to keep hair stronger, healthier and voluminous.

4. Vitamin B7 (Biotin or Vitamin H)

Alopecia or hair loss is one of the major complications associated with Vitamin B7 deficiency. Using hair care products containing biotin helps effectively increase hair growth by repairing brittle hair and supports healthy hair. 



Hair loss is a common yet irksome hair concern that is affecting many people these days. Best way to start your journey towards better hair health treating your hair fall is to study the remedies/tips thoroughly before trying them out. 

We are all born with a different type of skin and levels of sensitivity. It is your hair, your skin and your body, so you are one who has to protect it better.


Since the scalp area is sensitive, it becomes risky to use home remedies and products directly on the scalp. Therefore, it is always advisable to conduct a patch test to avoid any allergic reactions or sensitivity.