Mango Seed Butter: Cracking The Dry Skin Code

Mango Seed Butter: Cracking The Dry Skin Code Mango Seed Butter: Cracking The Dry Skin Code

Mango Seed Butter: Cracking The Dry Skin Code


As the temperature plummets, your skin often endures the repercussion of harsh and chilly winters. Not only the noticeable skin dryness impacts your appearance but debilitate your self-esteem. If you are a constant bearer of dry skin, then you must be aware of its tendency to become worse, chiefly during peak winter months. A study presented by the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology states that the cold weather tends to impair the skin barrier functions, thus leading to excessively dry skin. 

While it may seem fairly effortless to moisture away the dryness from your skin. It is imperative to acknowledge that not just any moisturizer does the trick. Top dermatologists explain that finding suitable ingredients plays a huge role when it comes to effectively treating dry skin while attaining your skin goals. The experts further recommend the promising and potent ingredient - Mango Seed Butter due to its moisturizing properties along with various other skin benefits.

Can mango seed butter treat dry skin?

Mangifera Indica (Mango) butter is also known as mango kernel butter. Just like the name suggests, this amazing ingredient is derived from mango seeds. 

Studies have found that the antioxidants present in mango offers optimum nourishment to your skin. Moreover, the mango seed butter also contains a good dose of vitamin E and Potassium which helps to hydrate your skin cells, thereby naturally treating any dry skin and patches.

Additional benefits

  • Enhances skin tone
  • Curb acne and pimples
  • Prevents premature ageing
  • Minimizes sun damage
  • Lends natural glow and brightness


Mango Seed Butter benefits

1. Enhances skin tone

The potent dose of antioxidants present in the mango seed butter is widely known to improve your skin tone. Furthermore, various specialists unfold that Vitamin A present in mango seed butter encourages healthy and rejuvenated skin.

2. Curb acne and pimples

Dealing with acne and pimples can undeniably turn into a chore. Many skin proficient reveal that clogged pores and excessive sebum (oil) production are some of the main culprits that influence acne, pimples and oily skin. Enriched with Vitamin C and Magnesium, the mango seed butter helps to inhibit the development of acne and pimples while balancing the (sebum) oil production. 

3. Prevents premature ageing

Exposing your skin to harsh chemicals, pollution, sunlight etc. can noticeably reduce the presence of vitamins present within. This usually leads to the development of various premature signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin etc. There is where the need to replenish the vitamins become apparent. Mango seed butter contains an impressive amount of Vitamin A and C. According to the experts, these vitamins protect your skin from environmental damage. On top of that, these help in preventing any signs of ageing, thereby helping you secure healthy and youthful-looking skin



4. Minimizes sun damage

A research article conducted by the Frontiers in Plant Science discloses that mango contains between 1k to 6k international units of Vitamin A. The photoprotective effects that Vitamin A lends help to reduce the sun damage while shielding your skin from various other environmental factors. 

5. Lends natural glow and brightness

The ultimate goal to attain naturally glowing and lit-from-within skin is a common desire shared by many individuals. Fortunately for you, mango seed butter contains a rich source of Vitamin A and C that helps in removing any dark spots or acne scars present. Furthermore, this wonder ingredient rejuvenates your skin cells, thus offering you natural radiance and skin brightness. 




Mango seed butter is an excellent ingredient for skin, mainly when used correctly. According to a recent study, Ceramide along with Hyaluronic acid are some of the main ingredients that perform wonderfully with mango seed butter. Together these ingredients offer a long-lasting moisturization while making your skin appear plump, healthy and youthful-looking. 

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