AnaGain And Aminexil For Hair Loss

AnaGain And Aminexil For Hair Loss

We very well understand that sinking feeling you get when you are losing hair. You instantly start looking for hair loss treatments over the internet and home remedies in your kitchen hoping to regain lost hair or/and to stop hair fall.  However, we acknowledge that dealing with hair loss on one hand and fighting poor self-image on the other can be disheartening as well as depressing. Luckily, there are many topical ingredients that help to restore hair thickness and stop rapid hair loss. Scientific data and studies have discovered the benefits of AnaGain and Aminexil in boosting hair volume and density. When used in conjunctions, both the ingredients help to strengthen your hair from the inside out.  Hair care experts suggest that introducing Anti-hair fall serums into your hair care routine help to stimulate new hair growth by fortifying hair follicles while balancing hair growth cycle.



AnaGain for hair loss

AnaGain is an organic pea sprout extract that controls hair loss and promotes hair growth. When applied topically, this sprout extract ingredient stimulates dermal papilla cells to reactivate hair growth. Hair dermal papilla cells are specialized mesenchymal cells found in the dermal papilla located at the bottom of hair follicles. These cells play an important role in hair growth. Clinical studies have shown that Pea sprout extract (AnaGain) has shown a significant improvement in hair density and thickness when used for a specific period of time.  This clinically proven bioactive extract is a perfect natural way to get healthier and thicker hair. It helps to rebalance the hair growth cycle by shortening the resting phase of hair (telogen phase) and prolonging the growth phase of hair (anagen phase).

Aminexil for Hair Loss

Aminexil is a diamino-pyrimideneoxide, a chemical molecule developed and patented by L’Oreal in order to prevent perifollicular fibrosis i.e. scarring of hair follicles.  Scientific research studies and dermatologists state the benefits of aminexil for the treatment of alopecia or hair fall. Aminexil is a vasodilator, meaning it widens the blood vessels and provides better blood flow to the hair follicles for healthy hair growth.  The use of hair care products that contain aminexil is found quite beneficial to treat hair fall, hair thinning, and stimulate new hair growth.

 AnaGain And Aminexil For Hair Loss

Since hair is a very important part of your personality, it is important to offer them the right care. In today's time, hair loss and pattern baldness have become a common concern among both genders. Hair care experts explain that hair loss is pretty manageable if necessary action is taken on time. Switching to hair care products that contain ingredients like Anagain, Aminexil, and Biotin are found very effective for all hair loss-related concerns like brittle hair, hair fall, and weakened hair roots. In addition, eating healthy and following good lifestyle habits are worth considering to keep your hair healthy in the long run.

Keep the worries aside and start taking better care of your tresses.



Many research studies have claimed that hidden ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner bottle also contribute to hair loss. Chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Laureth Sulfate are foaming agents that are used in many shampoos. It has been found that when these ingredients are used in the highest concentrations they tend to make your hair and scalp dehydrated which ultimately leads to poor hair health. It becomes critically important to avoid ingredients that make you more prone to breakage-prone hair and hair loss.