What Causes Dark Underarms? Here Are 5 Easy And Effective Ways To Remove Them

What Causes Dark Underarms? Here Are 5 Easy And Effective Ways To Remove Them

Do rough and sweaty underarms restrain you from wearing sleeveless tops? The dark underarm dilemma is something that restricts you from being yourself every day. In most of the cases, darkness of underarms skin is not a risky situation but has a substantial impact on your vulnerability. Clear skin is considered the visual perception of an attractive and charming personality. Hence, it is a bit tough to feel comfortable and less self-conscious about yourself especially when you have a certain kind of skin discoloration.  Stop feeling conscious about your skin because we have got something to lighten up your mood. Thankfully, there are a myriad of solutions to combat skin darkening and roughness. A research study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology has demonstrated the efficacy of bioactive compounds present in botanical extracts to diminish the hyperpigmentation.


The darkening and thickening of the skin in intertriginous areas is called Acanthosis nigricans (AN). It commonly affects armpits, back of the neck, elbows, knees, and groin folds. In addition, excessive sweating, use of certain deodorants, shaving, increased melanin production, etc are also identified as potential causes of discolored armpits.



Easy and effective solutions

  • Topical skin brightening creams
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize 
  • Don’t shave your underarms
  • Wear loose clothes


Easy Solution To Lighten The Dark Underarms

1. Topical skin brightening creams

Underarm brightening creams that come with the goodness of botanical extracts are considered an effective solution to get rid of dark armpits. However, it is very important to choose the right topical product to attain even-toned, flawless and nourished armpits.  A research study published in Clinical cosmetic and Investigational dermatology has demonstrated that frequent use of skin bleaching agents such as hydroquinone and Kojic Acid may cause serious damage to the epidermis.

 Another research study has demonstrated the efficacy of the herb called Daisy Flower (Bellis perennis) as a natural skin brightening and exfoliating agent. The bioactive compounds present in herb help to inhibit the tyrosinase activity to control the melanin production, which subsequently makes your skin bright and radiant.  Similarly, Mucor Miehei is another natural ingredient that helps to shed off the dead cell to attain clear and smooth skin. Extracts of Dairy flowers and Mucor Miehei are identified as ideal ingredients to consider while buying underarm brightening creams.

2. Exfoliate

The buildup of dead skin cells might be another reason behind your dark and rough armpits. Residues of chemical aspirants also cause clogging of pores, which leads to poor skin. Gentle exfoliation of skin helps to remove the dead debris and unclogs the pores.  It is always good to try natural ingredients that comprise the antiseptic and natural skin exfoliating properties to get rid of rough and dark underarm skin.

3. Moisturize 

Top dermatologists opine that moisturizing your skin every day keeps the blemishes or skin discolorations at bay. When you offer enough hydration to your skin, it helps in repairing the damaged skin.  Next time do not forget to pay some extra attention to nourish your armpit skin. In this quest, Hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers are the perfect deal to perk up your dead and dull skin.

4. Don’t shave your underarms

Of course, shaving is one of the quickest ways to get rid of hair. However, it is worth weighing the pros and cons before opting for such personal grooming hacks. When you shave your underarms very frequently, it leads to abrasions and hyperpigmentation to the sensitive skin around your underarms. Another drawback of shaving is that it develops ingrown hair, which causes itching, pain, and irritations.

5. Wear loose clothes

Wearing tight-fitting clothes every day tends to cause friction in your armpits. Hence, always wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes, which do not stick to your skin. Clothing materials like lightweight cotton, linen, etc. help to absorb the sweat rather than repelling it on the skin.

How To Lighten The Dark Underarms


Following an ideal skin care regimen and hygiene practices will not help to fade underarm darkness but also make your skin appear smoother and softer. Obsessing over the problem and losing patience are those mistakes that most of you make while following your skin care routine. Hence, drop the baggage of worries and have faith in your efforts.  Try these tips now and be ready to flaunt your beautiful and smooth arms with elegance.



Dark underarms are usually a harmless skin condition and can be resolved with a few preventive measures and topical skin brightening creams. However, along with dark armpits, if you experience any other symptoms like dark patches on other parts of the body, then consider booking an appointment with a dermatologist.

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