Amazing Tips To Avoid Sunscreen With A White Cast

Amazing Tips To Avoid Sunscreen With A White Cast Amazing Tips To Avoid Sunscreen With A White Cast

Amazing Tips To Avoid Sunscreen With A White Cast


The revelation of sunscreen being your skin’s bff may not be lost on you, however, the nagging white cast that some sunscreens leave behind can make it an overwhelming chore. We understand that the ashy and pasty appearance that certain sunscreen leaves behind not only dwindles with your overall look but also makes you feel self-conscious about it all day long. While compromising your skin’s health is not an option, there are some effective methods through which you can solve and overcome this skin care dilemma.

What is a white cast?

In simple words, a white cast generally refers to when sunscreen leaves behind a white layer on your skin, hence making it appear pasty and ashy post-application. The white cast is most noticeable under heavy lightings and pictures. 

Effective tips

  • Consider using a physical sunscreen
  • Improve product application 
  • Give sunscreen time to work
  • Try a tinted sunscreen 

1. Consider using a physical sunscreen

Leading experts reveal that physical sunscreens are a great SPF option that offers broad-spectrum protection. A study published by the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology reveals that a physical sunscreen forms a barrier between the harmful sun rays and the topmost layer of your skin. In other words, it offers optimum UVA, UVB and IR protection to your skin, thereby helping you achieve healthy and youthful skin without leaving a white cast behind.

2. Improve product application 

As juvenile as it may sound, product application plays an important role in the outcome. If you are someone who is in the habit of rubbing the sunscreen over your skin then it is time you reconsider your skin care habits. Rubbing the sunscreen can make your skin appear extremely ashy and pasty. Instead, many skin care specialists recommend gently dabbing and patting the sunscreen on your skin. Doing so will help the sunscreen penetrate in your skin without making it appear pasty. Furthermore, the amount of product you apply also counts. Consider starting the application with a pea-sized amount of sunscreen and gradually build it up according to your needs. 

3. Give sunscreen time to work

Allowing the product to settle in your skin before progressing to the next step is imperative, irrespective of the product you are using. Doing so gives your sunscreen time to work and settle in your skin without giving any white cast. Furthermore, this method helps in protecting your skin from any impending damage or inflammations.

4. Try a tinted sunscreen

Tinted sunscreen is basically a mineral-based sunscreen formulation with added colour base. In concordance with recent studies, tinted sunscreens are the lightweight formula that smoothly blends into your skin, thus preventing white cast. They help to even out your skin tone and enhance your complexion whilst helping you protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Amazing Tips To Avoid Sunscreen With A White Cast


Incorporating these methods in your everyday skin care regime will help you avoid ashy looking skin effectively. However, it is pivotal to take extra sun protection measures alongside wearing a sunscreen. Accessories such as sunglasses, hats, bandanas etc. are some of the amazing options that lend sun protection while giving you a chic look. Not only will it deliver some extra protection but help you achieve healthy and youthful looking skin.




Dermatologists depict that using a tinted mineral sunscreen containing primarily zinc oxide is so-far one of the most effective ways to avoid white cast. It helps in protecting your skin against harsh UV rays without compromising your everyday appearance. Furthermore, the universal tint bestows a natural radiance to your skin. 

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