What are the best post-workout skin care tips

What are the best post-workout skin care tips

Spending hours in a gym or attending yoga sessions gives a feeling of self-satisfaction.  Every sweat drop or stinky smell of clothes is a reminder that you are taking one step forward towards fitness and better health. After completing everyday workout regimen,  the hustle-bustle of the day begins and you get out of workout tights and T-shirts into a professional attire for a business meeting or casual look for your college. Wait a minute?  Between all this hustle-bustle is there something you forgot? It is your POST WORKOUT SKINCARE. Just like you, a number of other people use the same dumbbell, abdominal crunchers, aerobic steppers, and any other type of types of equipment.  In other words, anything that comes in contact with your skin during a workout can bring adverse effects to your skin if you do not care for it properly.  Here we are sharing super easy post work out beauty tips including everything from face hygiene to healthy and glowing skin.


What are the post-workout  skin care tips?

1. Do not load your face with makeup

What are the best post-workout skin care tips _reequil

As per skincare experts, “Zero makeup is the right way to go for a work out”.  During exercise, perspiration occurs which open our skin pores, so heavy makeup can clog the pores. Applying no makeup implies, allowing your skin to breathe easily. However, still, some people don’t feel comfortable going outside with a bare face, in that case, non -  comedogenic products are the best alternative to them. Using such products not only give you a smooth appearance but also prevent the blockage of pores.

2. Cleansing

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Skincare regimen starts with washing your face right away after your workout session. To wipe off sweat residues and impurities accumulated on the skin, use antibacterial cleansers. They help to clear the dirt and oil clogged in pores that further prevent the chances of acne breakouts in the future.

3. Be gentle with your skin

Do not make the mistake of over scrubbing your face after fitness class.  Too much exfoliation can cause potential damage to the skin’s outmost layer that can further lead to eczema or aggravate acne problem. In short, avoid anything that could irritate your skin.

4. Moisturize

What are Essential Skin Care Products you need while traveling?_reequil

Irrespective of your skin type, moisturizing the skin is an important step after cleansing.  Due to sweating skin becomes dehydrated and needs proper hydration to prevent surface lines and dead skin cells build up on skin surface. However, you need to be careful while choosing your moisturizer. For instance, acne-prone skin needs oil-free moisturizer whereas dry skin needs skincare product that is packed with hydrating ingredients.


5. Keep your hair off your face

It’s better to keep your hair off your face during a workout. The reason is sweating residues of hair oil or shampoo can run to your face which can cause pores clogging. In addition, there are hygiene instructions for people who use headbands or sweatbands.  Wearing unwashed bands can serve as a germination ground for several microbes which can lead to itching or acne breakouts on the forehead. Hence, it is better to stay hygienic.


6. Go with ice cubes to subside post-workout redness

What are Essential Skin Care Products you need while traveling?_reequil

Many people suffer facial redness during the workout, but there is no need to panic.  It happens because during workout blood flows with a faster rate to maximize oxygen intake in the body. Therefore, during this whole process blood capillary gets widen which gives a red appearance to the skin, especially to people with fairer skin. The best way to get rid of this problem is to apply ice packs on the face after reaching home. To add to this, you can also splash or spray some cold water on your face during the workout.

Now you almost have the easiest post work out skin care tips, so next time after finishing your activity, don’t forget to spare some time for your skincare.  Because you will never regret taking care of your skin.


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