What Are Cosmetics And Cosmeceuticals?

What Are Cosmetics And Cosmeceuticals?

Alexander Pope very wisely quoted, “A little Learning is a Dangerous Thing.” Much to your dismay, this educational quote not only associates with your everyday life decisions but also your skin and hair care decisions. With a plethora of products, terms and categories introduced in the ever-increasing skin and hair care industry, it is undoubtedly tricky to choose the most appropriate one. A study conducted in 2018 explains that acknowledging the difference between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals is just as crucial as religiously following a healthy regimen. We understand that these terms may sound similar to your ears, but you would be surprised to know the vast difference they behold. So, if you find yourself repeatedly confused then worry not as we have summarized just the piece of information for you.  


Cosmetics have established a place in everyone’s cabinets and skincare regimen, especially as they are easily available over-the-counter (OTC) products. Long story short, cosmetics implies any product that enhances the outer beauty of your skin, hair and scalp, without any therapeutic benefits. These products work only on the outer surface of your skin and cannot reach the innermost layers. Cosmetics are known to generally secure the area of your skin, hair and scalp on which it is applied to without modifying them or lending any additional benefits. What really lures the majority of people into investing in these products are their economical price range and aesthetic packaging. Apart from that, studies show that these products are widely used and acknowledged due to the variation in the fragrance.


Cosmeceuticals are derived from two words i.e. cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Unlike cosmetics, these products are dermatologically tested and scientifically developed. Numerous dermatologists demonstrate that the bio-active ingredients infused in the formulations are known to be stronger as compared to cosmetics but less than pharmaceutical products. A study conducted by the Journal of Missouri State Medical Association explains that the Cosmeceutical products not only combat specific concerns but also lends hydration to your skin & hair with the help of essential nutrients and bioactive. What’s more, their major concern is to improve the quality of your skin by promoting cellular change that is why they are made of clinically proven cosmeceutical ingredients. 

These products are relaxing to use and are known to mark a visible difference in your skin, scalp and hair. Contrary to cosmetics, these are not advertised by celebrities but can be brought from medical shops and are sometimes recommended by doctors. 

What Are Cosmetics And Cosmeceuticals?

Considering the case of cosmetics v/s cosmeceuticals, the latter is better since they are dermatologically tested and have clinically proven cosmeceutical ingredients. Apart from beautifying your skin, they will also improve your skin quality while helping you achieve healthy and glowing skin. Moreover, they are prepared from natural ingredients, therefore, are absolutely safe for use without any side effects. The ability to treat your skin and hair concerns is yet another principle that makes cosmeceutical more superior and indulge-worthy. 


Cosmeceutical formulations are the new breakthrough in the skin care industry. However, the efficacy of cosmeceuticals products also relies on the ingredients and bioactive compounds used during formulation. Speaking of which, a 2015 study revealed the presence of harsh ingredients like paraben, sulphate etc., in certain cosmeceutical products. As a consequence, it is imperative to acknowledge the ingredients that are not suitable for your skin. Neglecting to do so may cause more harm than good.

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