What are cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals?

Well, this is a difficult choice to make when one does not know the difference between the two. When it comes to caring for skin, it becomes important for one to know about the difference between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals as skin must be treated with great care. However, they sound similar, they are not the same thing. It all depends on the customer what they prefer to use for the betterment of their skin.

What are cosmetics?

Cosmetics are mostly easily available over the counters. They have very less active ingredients. They are mostly bought because they contain good fragrance and enhance the outer beauty of the skin. They only contain minimal active ingredients in order to claim about them and tell about the benefits of those ingredients. Cosmetics are mostly full of chemicals and preservatives. It is very rare when the cosmetics contain organic ingredients. They are often found in beautiful bottles with attractive boxes and jars. You will also find 5-star celebrities promoting cosmetic products on a very large scale. Moreover, the price range of cosmetics is also very economical and cosmetic products are suited for all skin types as they have minimal active ingredients, therefore, they are preferred by most of the common people.


What are cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals, on the other hand, are dermatologically tested and are scientifically developed which are a mixture of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. The ingredients used are stronger than cosmetics but less than pharmaceutical products which is why they do not need a medical prescription and can be used without facing any side effects. They are composed with most of the biologically active ingredients which have a positive effect on the skin. They are mostly found in laser and skin clinics. Their major concern is to improve the quality of your skin by promoting cellular change that is why they are made of clinically proven cosmeceutical ingredients. The cosmeceutical products are relaxing to use and they mark a visible difference in your skin. They are not advertised by celebrities but can be brought from clinics or medical shops and are sometimes recommended by doctors. Cosmeceutical products have the ability to go deeper into the skin where collagen and cellular activity takes place


What is better and why?

Considering the case of cosmetics V/S cosmeceuticals, the latter is better since they are dermatologically tested and have clinically proven cosmeceutical ingredients. Apart from beautifying your skin, they will also improve your skin quality while maintaining a healthy skin. Moreover, they are prepared from natural ingredients, therefore, are absolutely safe for use without any side effects.

Re’equil offers cosmeceutical products which are dermatologically tested and have clinically proven ingredients which make are safe and effective cosmeceuticals. Its skin and hair care products are best to use and do not have any side effects. The hair products help remove the residue of the harmful elements like silicone and sulphate, deposited on the hair while making the hair healthy and shiny. The skin products offered by Re’equil repairs the skin and improves its quality.

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