What causes baldness in teenagers?

What causes baldness in teenagers?


Teenage years are when you turn extremely conscious about your looks and appearances. It is why, extreme hair loss or baldness, especially for teenagers can be a shocking and devastating experience. Hair loss not only affects your physical appearance but also the quality of life. Various research studies have shown that balding at a young age causes low self-esteem. What’s more, it makes you a constant target for bullying, hence, resulting in a rise to depression and anxiety. We understand the constant dilemma and pressure you are in. Which is why we have enlisted the best solution to overcome it.


  • Medication
  • Alopecia areata
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Trichotillomania
  • Over styling

Main causes that trigger baldness


1. Medication 

Medications are formulated to treat various health conditions. However, sometimes they tend to have unwanted side effects like hair thinning, baldness etc. Various research studies explain that medications like antidepressants are known to be one of the main culprits behind baldness in teenagers and kids. Aside from that, diet pills containing amphetamines is another significant reason behind baldness at an early age. 

2. Alopecia areata 

Alopecia areata is a skin disease that causes hair loss on the scalp and other parts of your body. It is known as a common autoimmune disorder that usually results in unpredictable hair loss. Top dermatologists explain that during this condition your hair falls out in small round or oval patches. The bald patches appear suddenly but hair tends to grow back within a period of a year or less. However, seldom this problem can last longer and become severe, eventually resulting in complete baldness. This medical condition can affect anyone, irrespective of your age and gender. 

3. Nutritional deficiency 

Consuming unhealthy meals understandably contributes to severe hair loss and baldness. Countless studies claim that when your body doesn’t receive good nutrient intake like proteins, vitamins, minerals etc., your health starts to deter. As a consequence, people with eating disorders such as pica, anorexia, bulimia etc., suffer from severe hair loss issues. 

4. Trichotillomania 

Trichotillomania is a psychological condition that gives people a strong urge to frequently pull their own hair out. This condition can affect people of any age or gender. A person affected with this condition often pulls out their hair from places like scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows etc. Some people with this condition pull a handful of hair however; other tends to pill out one strand at a time. It often results in damaged hair and bald patches. 

5. Over styling 

Countless hair specialists confirm that hair treatments involving chemicals like hair dyeing, bleach etc., contain certain harmful ingredients. These ingredients tend to cause severe hair damage, making your hair prone to breakage. In addition, styling your hair requires various heat equipment like hot iron rods, blow dryers etc. Constant use of such heat styling tools weakens your hair eventually causing baldness.  


  • Reduce stress
  • Massage your scalp
  • Take hair growth supplements
  • Consult a doctor

Tips to prevent baldness


1. Reduce stress 

Various studies indicate that stress can be a contributing factor towards baldness, especially in teenagers. That is why reducing physical and emotional stress through the process of engaging yourself in things that brought your happiness is one of the best ways to treat it. Another great way to relieve stress is by meditating. A 2018 study concluded that meditation not only relieves stress but also can help ease anxiety. What’s more, it improves your focus and concentration level. 

2. Massage your scalp 

According to a recent study, massaging your scalp stimulates your hair follicles while encouraging blood vessels beneath your skin. This leads to an increase in hair growth and thickness. Consider gently massaging your scalp and hair at least once a day with coconut or almond oil to achieve thick and luscious tresses.

3. Take hair growth supplements  

Hair growth supplements usually include vitamins such as vitamin B and D etc. A study presented in the National Institutes of Health demonstrates that micronutrients are major elements in the normal hair follicle cycle. However, including these micronutrients in a proportion suitable for you can become a tricky task. This is where the importance of hair growth supplements arise. In-taking micronutrient and vitamin-rich hair growth supplements promote healthy hair growth while fulfilling any gaps in your regular diet.

4. Consult a physician 

If you find yourself unsure about the cause behind extreme hair loss or balding, then it is wise to speak to your physician. Consulting a doctor will help you determine and assess the underlying issue behind your problem and get a suitable line of treatment according to your comfort. 

What causes baldness in teenagers?


We understand that experiencing baldness at a young age can be extremely overwhelming, but ignoring the condition may cause more harm than good. Understanding the causes behind the baldness can be your first step towards rectifying the problem. These amazing tips and remedies not only help you achieve healthy and lustrous hair but also give a boost to your self-confidence. So, without further delay, start using these tips today and thank us later!


Your daily habits and hair care practices play an important role in protecting your hair health. It is only wise to make healthy lifestyle changes and hair care practices if you wish to give an extra push to achieve your hair goals. A study conducted by the International Journal of Science and Research states that using sulphate-silicone free hair care products ensures the safety of your scalp and hair.  In addition, exercising regularly and adding meals enriched with nutrients won’t only help you achieve healthy and long hair but also improve overall health. 

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