Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips

Scream for sunscreen, floral dresses, lemonade, and lazy days! Without a doubt, countless things make summer special. Till now, you must be aware of the fact that the hottest weather of the year can wreak havoc on your skin. However, you will be shocked to know that sun rays show no mercy on your hair as well? The strongest UV rays damage your scalp and hair follicles, which subsequently make your hair turn limp, rough, and lifeless. Over time, several researches have revealed the negative effects of excessive sun exposure on hair. UV radiations has been found to cause the degradation of hair protein, keratin. Similarly, one more study has claimed that hair exposed to the sun is more prone to hair ageing.

Everyday hustle during summers to make your hair-locking perfect and frizz-free is not that easy, as it seems. Your worry about "How to care for my hair in summer” is so obvious. We also understand that hair is an integral part of self-image, not only you but everyone else also feels conscious of their hair.  We are glad to tell you that your desire to flaunt strong, beautiful, and luscious mane all day is not a far-fetched dream. Even the top dermatologists believe that the use of the right hair care products, optimum protection from the sun, and the intake of healthy meals are the golden rules for beautiful locks. 

Why is the sun bad for your hair?

  • UV radiations penetrate the hair cuticle and trigger hair thinning and breakage.
  • Excess head sweating in scorching heat may result in dandruff and scalp infections.
  • Intense sun rays are known to cause dry scalp and sunburn.
  • Higher temperature strips off the essential oil and moisture from hair, which ultimately leads to hair fall.

Top 5 summer hair care tips

  • Go for regular trims
  • Opt for a sulphate free shampoo
  • Always cover your head
  • Do not forget to condition your hair
  • Use a hair mask
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    1. Go for regular trims

     Yes, you heard it right, summer is the right time to trim your hair and get rid of split ends and frizzy hair. Expert hair stylists say that haircuts after every 6-8 weeks keep your hair well-groomed. It not only gives a new hairstyle but it is easier to manage short hair in humid weather.  Another interesting fact is during the summer season, hair follicles are in the anagen phase (hair growth phase). Opting for regular trims will also help to attain long and healthy hair.

    2. Opt for a sulphate free shampoo

    Hair care expert bust common summer myth that foaming shampoo cleans your hair properly. To get rid of sweat and grease, you might feel the need of shampooing hair more frequently. Meanwhile, you should be more cautious if your hair shampoo is snatching essential oils from your hair and scalp. Many research studies have concluded that strong surfactant (SLS) used in hair care formulation can result in scalp irritations, rough, and brittle hair. Opting for the right shampoo is very important for the right hair care.  American Academy of Dermatology has mentioned that people with rosacea should avoid  hair products containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). According to hair care experts, it is good to use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners to avoid hair and scalp problems. 



    3. Always cover your hair

     In summers, covering your head before heading outdoors can protect your hair from harmful UV rays. Intense UV rays can withdraw the moisture from your hair and deteriorate the hair protein structure. Styling a scarf,  bandana or hat with your look is a great way to avoid weighing down your hair in the summer heat. 

    4. Do not forget to condition your hair

    An important summer hair fact is not to skimp conditioner at any cost after shampoo. Invest in a good conditioner if you do not want your tresses to become dry, frizzy, and brittle. The moisturizing and nourishing properties  of conditioners is considered good for soft, healthy, and strong tresses. Murumuru butter and babassu oil have been identified as good conditioning ingredients to keep your hair and scalp nourished. Both of these botanical extracts help to repair damaged hair by retaining the moisture in hair strands. Hair care experts explain that murumuru-based hair conditioners are an excellent way to take care of curly hair in the summer heat.


    5. Use a hair mask

    High heat and humidity in summer make your hair  dehydrated and brittle. Therefore, deep conditioning helps to rehydrate the cuticles and strengthen the hair shaft. The reason is conditioners alone are not enough to combat the hair damage caused by UV rays and warm weather. The benefits of using the hair mask are that they deeply hydrate and repair your hair.  To protect your hair from environmental pollutants, hair masks also forms a protective covering around your hair strand. A hair mask that comes with the goodness of pea protein and ceramides are considered quite good for retaining shine, luster, and strength in hair. A study published in the Journal of cosmetic science has also elaborated the hair conditioning benefits of ceramides and hydrolyzed pea protein.



    summer hair care tips


    Summer is not a favorable season for your hair because of excess sweating, humid weather, and intense UV rays. All these factors ruin your tresses and make them look frizzy, rough, and lifeless. Repercussions of unprotected hair in summer are not only limited to the damaged hair, but imbalanced hair growth cycle and hair fall are the unseen harms. Many recent researches have indicated that sun rays damage the amino acids in hair shaft proteins and reduce the hair growth rate. That’s why your hair needs extra protection and care in the summer season. Start following the given summer hair care tips and flaunt your healthy and luscious mane each day.


    The term “comedogenic” refers to the products that cause blockage of pores. Many hair care formulations are being made without considering the consequences of the clogged hair follicles. The use of hair cosmetics containing ingredients like silicone and sodium lauryl sulfate is known to cause clogged pores, which later result in acne flare up and scalp irritations. Hair care products play a primary role in sustaining good hair health. It is of utmost importance to realize which ingredients are harmful to your hair and scalp health.





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