Sleep Deprivation Effects on Skin

Sleep Deprivation Effects on Skin

Sleeping is the best way to repair and regenerate our skin. The most constructive time of our daily routine is while we sleep. Your body works according to the Sun. When the sun is up, your skin is busy protecting you from the UV Rays by providing antioxidant protection. At night, the skin starts to renew itself at a very fast rate and repairs the damage done in the day. If you miss out on sleep for a day or two, your body will adjust. But chronic sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of problems not only of the body but also of skin.

Let us have a look at some of the ways in which sleep deprivation effects on the skin.

Effects of Insomnia:

1. Deprives You of Nourishment

Just like food, sleep is also important for your body. While you sleep, your body works on removing the dead blood cells and the dead brain cells in order to give place to the new cells. It is because of these renewed cells that you feel fresh in the morning. Your body gets rid of 60% of the dead cells on a daily basis.  If this process will not take place regularly, then you will feel tired and gloomy when you wake up in the morning. Not only your skin, but your brain and body also suffer equally due to lack of sleep.

2. Causes Dehydration

Due to imbalance, our body starts dehydrating which decreases the moisture levels and the pH levels of the skin’s complexion. This is the reason why our skin starts looking old at a young age. When the pH level drops, the skin becomes unable to produce moisture which makes it look drier. It also creates redness and unevenness on the skin due to breakouts. Dehydration will lead to swollen eyes, pale complexion, eye bags etc.

3. Weakens Immune System

Lack of sleep deprivation effects on the skin as it weakens the immune system due to which, our body becomes unable to protect the skin from bacteria which are ever ready to attack. You are more likely to face cardiovascular diseases due to the weak immune system. Mostly, cystic acne is caused when the one’s immune system is weak.

4. Causes Weight Gain and Develops Saggy Skin

The less you sleep, the more you gain weight because lack of sleep forces the body to produce ghrelin which is a hunger hormone. It tells your body that you are hungry as a result of which, you eat more and gain weight. Gaining weight, of course, makes the skin loose and saggy. Weight gain is one of the most common effects of insomnia.

5. Causes Dark Circles

Undoubtedly under eye-bags is the most common sleep deprivation effect on the skin. While we sleep, our skin cells regenerate. When the blood vessels dilate, dark circles are caused which become difficult to get rid of. Therefore, sleeping on time is the only thing that can help you get rid of them. Moreover, if you sleep on your stomach, chances are that you might have puffy eyes as the fluid which was supposed to go down will start running upwards and get deposited under your eyes.

Sleeping has Advantages

However, you can hide your actual skin by makeup and cosmetics, but you must try to make your skin glowing naturally. The best advantage of sleeping is to get a glowing skin naturally. Plus, there is no harm in dreaming a little extra. Wink Wink.

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