How To Protect Your Skin From Indoor Heating?

How To Protect Your Skin From Indoor Heating?


Are you noticing a visible dryness and flakiness taking over your skin? Undeniably so, cold weather can be tough on skin. It not only impacts your appearance but also your self image. A research article elaborates that cold weather during winters can impair the barrier function of your skin, thus leading to numerous skin woes such as dry skin, flakiness etc. However, what makes your skin health even worse is the presence of indoor or central heating. Whilst the extra comfort that heater brings along during this treacherous weather can become a medium of comfort. But you would be astonished to acknowledge that it spells out an absolute disaster for your skin. Indoor heating tends to cause a drop in humidity alongside the cold weather which usually results in the development of dry, itchy, inflamed and flaky skin.


  • Moisturize often
  • Invest in a humidifier
  • Try nourishing face masks
  • Maintain a skin care routine
  • Avoid long hot showers

 How To Protect Your Skin From Indoor Heating?


1. Moisturize often

Keeping your skin hydrated and nourished play a huge role in maintaining your skin health, chiefly during a shift in weather.  The moisturizer you use during the rest of the year may not cut it whilst cold and dry months. Various experts explain that switching your moisturizers with a shift in season and your skin concern will help in shielding your skin from any impending damage. Moreover, proving a good dose of nourishment to your skin helps in obstructing any imbalance in the pH level, hence assisting you to effectively prevent dry skin, excess oily skin etc. 

2. Invest in a humidifier

Numerous specialists recommend combatting the drying effects of indoor heating with a humidifier. To put in simply, indoor heating takes away all the moisture content present in your home which further draws any moisture present in your skin as well. This ultimately makes your skin extremely dry and dull. Adding moisture to the air present with the help of a humidifier will help you maintain healthy and glowing skin without having to comprise by switching off the heater. 

3. Try nourishing face masks

Face masks help you pamper your skin while offering an extra layer of nourishment. Many skin care experts recommend trying out a natural face mask. It helps in bringing back the radiance of your skin without burning a whole in your pocket. Honey is one such widely popular ingredient which delivers amazing results. A study published in the early months of 2016 has found that honey helps to deliver optimum hydration to your skin while tightening your skin pores. Applying a thin layer of honey for 5 minutes once every week will certainly help you attain your skin goals. 

4. Maintain a skin care routine

Your skin requires a proper regime in order to stay healthy while inhibiting any unwelcoming skin ailments such as acne, inflammation etc. Many skin specialists educate the importance of forming a morning to night skin care routine while keeping your skin type in mind. This will assist in shielding your skin from any environmental stressors while maintaining its health. Furthermore, a proper day to night skin care routine helps to slow down skin ageing while helping you achieve naturally glowing and radiant skin

5. Avoid long hot showers

Believe it or not, log hot showers and baths can noticeably strip away any moisture content present in your skin. This ultimately leads to excessive dry skin along with numerous other skin ailments such as eczema, skin inflammation etc. Taking everything in account, one of the most renowned dermatologists, Andreas Lynn Cambio emphasizes on incorporating the habit of taking cold to lukewarm showers, instead. Including cold baths in your regime will immensely improve your skin health without damaging it in the process. 


How To Protect Your Skin From Indoor Heating?


Establishing a winter skin care routine alongside including these tips in your regime can bring a great amount of change in your skin health while preventing any skin woes. Furthermore, leading experts advise avoiding skin care products which contain strong surfactant ingredients. Doing so will ensure extra skin protection and help you in the journey to improve your skin integrity.