Wondering  How To Scale Up Your No Makeup Look

Wondering How To Scale Up Your No Makeup Look

These days, the "no makeup" makeup look is trending everywhere. Whether it is instagram, youtube, or facebook, dozens of makeup tutorials are being uploaded each day. In the desire to enhance the outer appearance, it is natural to get persuaded by such trends. If you are a beginner, you might be confused over how to embrace a natural face. Buckle up, because we are here to train you how to master that flawless and perfect look you desire and deserve.

8 easy tips

  • Drink water after waking up
  • Do daily Pranayama
  • Pick The Right Cleanser For Your Skin
  • Swipe the toner across the face
  • Apply a good hydrating moisturizer
  • Embrace your brows
  • Replace your foundation with tinted sunscreen
  • Wear a nude lip shade

    easy tips for no makeup look tips


    1. Drink water after waking up

    An interesting fact to know is your skin contains 64% water. Drinking enough water plays an important role to keep your skin looking healthy, soft, and plump. Water helps to flush out toxins, rev up your metabolism, and boost the circulatory system which in turn benefits your skin and overall health. Skin care experts agree that drinking water in the morning on a daily basis has a great positive impact on your skin. So, sip water all day long.

    2. Do daily Pranayama

    Does this thought bother you how people look great without any makeup? Well, daily breathing exercises can be the secret behind their perfect no-makeup look. Numerous yogic and science studies claim that pranayama helps to boost the oxygen supply in the body which is important to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing. Additionally, deep breathing prevents free radical damage in the body, hence delays the early aging of your skin.

    3. Pick The Right Cleanser For Your Skin

    Dermatologists explain that choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is the most basic thing to get beautiful skin without make-up. There are basically three skin types - dry, combination, and oily or acne-prone skin. For the combination and dry skin, the use of face wash containing natural ingredients like sugarcane extract and vaccinium myrtillus fruit, etc is considered quite good. These natural ingredients help to maintain proper hydration in the epidermis layer meanwhile improving the skin tone. Washing the face with a mild cleanser is an important makeup tip for those having oily skin. Zinc PCA-based face cleansers help to control sebum production without drying out your skin.

    4. Swipe the toner across the face

    Face toner is not less than a boon for your skin. Toners are skin care products that reduce the risk of many skin woes like enlarged pores, blackheads, and saggy skin. A research study published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal has claimed that topical use of vitamin C helps to prevent hyperpigmentation and early manifestation of fine lines. Hence, it's great to use a toner for your skin.

    5. Apply a good hydrating moisturizer

    Slathering on a good moisturizer can actually deliver a glowing radiance to your face. Hyaluronic acids, ceramides, mango seed butter have been identified as wonderful moisturizing ingredients to get baby soft skin. In addition, hydrating your skin each day helps to improve the barrier functions and reduce the appearance of blemishes as well.

    6. Embrace your brows

    A scientific study has recently elucidated that your eyebrows make you look attractive. Recreating eyebrows can really help you to achieve that natural look. However, make sure to choose the right pencil color and brush for making your brows. If you have very darker brows then a light brown shade will go perfectly well with your look. Whereas, for the light-colored brows hair, dark pencil shades can transform your entire face.

    7. Replace your foundation with tinted sunscreen

    Tinted sunscreens are the perfect solution for those who quest for a flawless finish but hate the foundation application. Zinc oxide is the main ingredient in tinted sunscreens that gives you strong protection against UVA and UVB rays. These lightweight sunscreen formulas do not leave a white cast and give a natural matte finish to your face. Being non-comedogenic in properties, tinted sunscreens do not clog your pores.


    8. Wear a nude lip shade

    Makeup artists agree that wearing a nude lip color is a great idea to enhance your no-makeup look. New York-based celebrity makeup artist, Nick Barose also says that nude lip shades are meant for every skin tone.

    Start self-care routine

    Wondering how to scale up your no makeup look

    You are amazing and beautiful in every single way. Wearing makeup or going without makeup is a personal choice. In the hustle-bustle of life, you should spare some time for yourself and keep doing the things that make you happy. For more self-love and self-care, follow these tips. There is no doubt, your daily skin care habits and lifestyle choices create a huge impact on your skin health.