Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin - Are you one of those who is frustrated because not every makeup products suit your skin? Do you also believe that you look better with makeup but it becomes a very hard fact to deal with just because your skin is acne prone? Dealing with midday oily skin is not enough; for people with overactive sebaceous glands, even choosing the right products is in itself a big struggle. We are sure it is a very daunting task for you and of course, we are here to help you with makeup tips for oily skin!

Well, it goes without saying that you will, of course, opt for oil-free products all the time. Mattifying moisturizers, foundations and finishing powders will be a part of your daily life. Your handbag will always have a blotting paper and pressed powder to remove unwanted shine. And not to forget, your make up will be washed away be the secreted oil by the end of the day definitely. Let us learn some makeup tips for oily skin.

Daily Makeup Tips For Summers

1. 3 Daily Skin Care Steps

Cleanse with an oil-free, mild and gentle face wash twice a day followed by toning with a Pore Refining Face Toner and Moisturizing with an Oil-Free Mattifying Moisturizer.  These three golden daily make up tips for summer must be followed irrespective of applying makeup.

2. Primer

Primer helps in making your skin smooth and helping your make up stay on your face for a longer duration of time by controlling the oil production. Therefore, it is a non-skippable daily makeup tip for summer. You should select an oil-free primer which helps in minimizing the pores. Try if you can get hold of some mattifying primer with SPF.

3. Foundation and Concealer

Prefer using a mattifying foundation. Apply it evenly all over your face and neck. It will help you cover up most of your uneven skin tone (if you have any) and then cover up the rest with a mattifying concealer. Prefer that your products are not creamy or sticky and they have SPF.

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4. Touch-up Powder

Applying a touch-up powder is a must as it will help in preventing the oily shine on your face and let your make up stay for a longer duration. This is a very important makeup tip for oily skin because when the oil mixes with the makeup, it forms a cakey look on your face which of course you do not want.

5. Keep Blotting Papers Handy

Since your skin is oily, there are chances that your skin will produce oil even after the use of mattifying makeup products. Thus, it is necessary to always keep blotting papers handy. Make sure that you never wipe your face; just pat it softly.

P.S: You can apply blush, contouring powder and eye makeup as per your wish.

Pro Tips for Oily Skin Makeup

Let us now learn some other tips for oily skin makeup:

  1. Exfoliate once a week.
  2. Moisturizing isn’t enough, keep your skin hydrated also.
  3. Look for long-wear mattifying products.
  4. Apply oil-fighting mask once or twice a week.
  5. Do not apply thick layers of makeup.
  6. Keep lipstick in place by using a lip liner. (Lip Liner Tips
  7. Never go to bed with makeup on.

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