Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Dealing with oily skin can be a frustrating task, especially when the oil (sebum) present on your skin makes your makeup oxidize quickly. We understand the pain of glancing at yourself in the mirror only to realize that your makeup has dissolved, leaving your face greasy and an utter mess. This not only jeopardizes the effort you put into your makeup but also makes you self-conscious and anxious. However, oily skin isn’t too bad. In fact, a study presented by Clinical Anatomy states that oily skin helps to prevent wrinkles and various other signs of ageing. Looking after your skin while understanding the makeup techniques will certainly help you procure long-lasting makeup.


  • Prime your face
  • Apply an even base 
  • Setting powder is a must 
  • Line your lips
  • Wear waterproof mascara
  • Opt for setting spray 
  • Carry blotting papers


Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

1. Prime your face

Did you know that a face primer is one of the main technique behind Snapchat-filter like skin? Primer delivers smoothness to your skin while helping your makeup last for a longer duration of time by controlling the oil production. Therefore, it is a non-skippable and one of the most effective tips for oily skin. Consider opting for an oil-free, gel-based primer. Numerous studies have shown that a gel-based primer creates a lightweight base for the foundation while minimizing any marks or uneven texture on your skin. It lends a blurring effect, thus helping you achieve spotless and dewy skin. What’s more, a face primer containing SPF is a good investment as it helps to combat your oily skin while protecting it. 

2. Apply an even base

Every skin has its specific needs and concerns. So, if you are in a habit of applying your makeup base like foundation, concealer etc., without acknowledging and examining the product, then it is high time you reevaluate your choices. Numerous makeup experts unravel that certain foundations, concealers etc., available in the market are rich in oil that exacerbates your skin pores while making your skin appear greasy. Apart from that, the techniques of applying makeup are just as essential as choosing the right makeup products suitable for oily skin. The art of applying an even base helps to enhance your natural features while combating the excessive oil. Whether you are going for a natural everyday look or a full-on glam makeup look, it is wise to recognize that heavy applications of products will make your face appear cakey and greasy. Instead, work in light layers and build up your makeup coverage step by step in evenly. Consider using a mattifying foundation and avoid base products that are creamy or sticky for best results. 

3. Setting powder is a must 

Applying a setting powder after doing your base makeup is one of the most crucial steps for long-lasting makeup. The natural oil of your skin has a tendency to mix with the makeup. This is where the importance of a setting powder arises. Numerous experts explain that a touch-up powder arrests the oily shine while preventing your face from appearing extremely cakey or greasy. Furthermore, setting your face makeup at least twice a day is quite beneficial. It allows your makeup to stay intact and last longer than usual. As a result, we would advise you to carry your setting powder and engage yourself in a quick touch-up session. 

4. Line your lips

Lip lining is a very common yet effective makeup trick used by various makeup experts. Speaking of which, top makeup experts throw light on several benefits of lining your lips. They explain that lining your lips is not just for those who wish to attain fuller-plump lips. Instead, it also helps in making your lipstick last longer. A lip liner creates a barrier, thus preventing any “lipstick bleeding” or fading. 

5. Wear waterproof mascara

Are in a habit of applying mascara on a daily basis? If so, then this makeup technique is especially pivotal for you. Waterproof mascara is known to stay for a  longer time without running down on your skin. Furthermore, it gives an additional sway and bounce to your lashes while making them appear long and gorgeous. The best way to wear mascara is by wiggling your mascara wand as you move it up on your lashes. This technique helps to disperse the product and allow an even application without any visible clumping.

6. Opt for setting spray 

Setting spray is an ultimate BFF to lean on, especially for people with oily skin.  Top makeup gurus explain that a setting spray helps to prevent any creasing, smudging or fading of your makeup during the course of the day, thus helping your makeup last for longer hours. In fact, a popular celebrity makeup artist Lauren D’Amelio reveals that using a setting spray both before and after applying makeup will help to do the trick. It is wise to opt for a setting spray that promises to control oil, especially since your ultimate goal is to achieve the mattifying look.

7. Carry blotting papers

The chances of your skin secreting oil are likely, especially during summer. This is where blotting papers come handy. Blotting papers soak up the oil present on your face without disturbing your makeup. However, make sure that you never wipe your face with a blotting paper as it may compromise the efforts you put into makeup. Instead, pat your skin gently with a blotting paper, to ensure best results.  


Makeup Tips For Oily Skin 


Learning and understanding your skin and makeup techniques will certainly help you master the art of long-lasting making on an oily complexion. The path to good and long-lasting makeup starts way before you apply a primer or foundation. Numerous makeup stylists explain that prepping your face and neck before the application of makeup is an essential step. Following a good skin care regimen for oily skin consisting of a cleanser, facial toner, and moisturizer helps to protect your skin from any harsh chemicals.  In addition, it also helps in delivering an even and clean canvas that will make your makeup application even more aesthetically pleasing.