Remove Blackheads and Minimize Pores

How to Remove Blackheads and Minimize Pores

How to Remove Blackheads and Minimize Pores - Whether a person will have pores and not and what will be the size of the pores is generally determined genetically or depending upon how oily the skin is. But it is very important to remove blackheads and minimize pores.

When the skin produces oils excessively, it gets mixed up with dead skin cells and bacteria resulting in a clog. Then the clogged area stops the oil to flow freely, thus, the pore is enlarged. Since oily and unclean skin causes the oils to settle around the pores, the amount of oil settled decides the size of the pores. Same is the case with ageing and sun damage i.e. the pores look enlarged due to cell build up around the pores.

Blackheads, on the other hand, are an undesirable result of the pores settled with dirt and dust. They are formed when the dead skin around the pores is oxidized by getting exposed in the air. They are even more unwanted because as the name suggests, they are black in colour and therefore, are easily spotted on the skin. Therefore, it is important to remove blackheads.

The negative part about having pores and blackheads is that with ageing, the sebaceous gland, and elastin and collagen production, and even cell renewal activity decreases which results in an increase in the visibility of pores as they keep on enlarging.

Remove Blackheads and Minimize Pores

However, you can definitely reduce the size of the pores but you cannot remove them completely or manage your genetics. Let us see what you can do to remove blackheads and minimize pores.

•    Cleanse your face twice a day using a mild and gentle face wash which does not strip away the natural oils from your face. Do not use harsh products like bar soap as they will make your skin even oilier and worse.

•    Avoid harsh and rough cleansing brushes or brushes with stiff bristles as they make the skin flakier and create more dead skin which cause blockage and make it difficult to minimize the pores.

•     Do not sleep without washing off your makeup properly.

•    After cleansing use, a toner always to close the pores which were opened while washing. They not only prevent large pores from opening but they also tighten the skin.

•    Moisturizing is as important as cleansing and toning because moisturizer acts as a barrier between the large pores and the excessive oils. However, you will definitely have to see what moisturizer suits you the best, but never skip this step even if you have oily skin.

Minimize Pores

It is very important to remove blackheads and minimize pores as they can cause break outs and they also spoil the entire look of your face. Following a healthy lifestyle, keeping yourself protected and having a healthy diet will help you to easily remove blackheads.