How Does HEV Light Damage Your Skin

How Does HEV Light Damage Your Skin

Also referred to as blue light, HEV (High Energy Visible Light) is equally harmful as UVA/UVB rays. Just like UVA/UVB rays, HEV light also steals away your youthful and healthy skin. The visible effect of HEV light has been discovered recently. HEV light is responsible for causing premature aging. It is a high-frequency light which is visible to us in a blue band and ranges approximately from 380 to 500 nanometers. Even reflective surfaces like water glass, snow, sand etc e forms of HEV light. This light is emitted from your electronic gadgets without which you cannot even imagine your life anymore like mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets etc.

HEV light damage your skin but it differs from UVA and UVB rays. While UVB light causes sunburn and its wavelength varies between 280nm to 320nm, UVA light cause deeper damage and its wavelength ranges from 320 nm to 400 nm. Studies have reported that the damage caused by HEV light is equal to the damage caused by UVA and UVB light together. Blue light is even more harmful. The reason behind the sky being blue even after sunset is the presence of blue light. This means that blue light not only harms your skin deeper than UVA or UVB rays but it is also present in the night and is, therefore, HEV damages skin 24x7.

HEV Damages Skin

HEV and UVA/UVB rays generate free radicals which are called ROS i.e. Reactive Oxygen Species which make the skin cells to produce enzymes which help in breaking down the collagen and elastin which are responsible for giving youthful, healthy, and glowing skin. This process is known as oxidative stress and it is responsible for what we know as premature aging or photoaging. HEV damages skin to the extent that it can also cause uneven skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation, dark spots or sun spots, and melasma.

HEV Protection Sunscreen

Your concern definitely must be that how and in what ways can you protect your skin from such harmful rays like HEV light which damage your skin because neither can you compromise with your office work or daily use of mobile phone nor can you prefer looking prematurely aged. You need not worry, a lot of sunscreens offer broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. However, not all of them offer HEV protection sunscreen but you can look up for those which do. So, you are absolutely safe and you do not need to freak out about this matter but it would be better if you cut off the time you spend on these gadgets.

Re’equil offers Oxybenzone and OMC free Sunscreen Lotion which is specially formulated for oily/sensitive skin and it does not get absorbed into the skin. Moreover, it provides protection from UVA and UVB rays with PA+++ protection for up to 6 hours. Re’quil Anti-Aging sunscreen protects your skin from blue rays and infrared rays i.e. it provides IR and HEV light protection along with UVA and UVB protection. It is an SPF 50 formulation with PA+++ protection and advanced low penetration filters.

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