7 Captivating Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

7 Captivating Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair


Thick and silky manes are a blessing, to say the least. On the other hand, frizzy and unmanageable thick hair depicts a different story altogether. Unsurprisingly so, dealing with thick hair can easily become an inconvenience, especially when your thick hair cascades down your shoulder in messy and uncontrollable waves. Like, talk about a conundrum! This not only leaves the impression of being unkempt but also impacts your self-image and confidence. According to a study conducted in the early months of 2018, the condition of your manes and scalp is mainly influenced by your everyday hair care routine, diet, genetics and daily habits. The study further explains that excessive usage of heating tools or chemicals tend to lift the protective layers of your hair cuticles. It makes your thick wavy manes turn frizzy and uncontrollable. However, fret not as you can easily camouflage it with the help of a few easy tips and techniques. 


  • Short wavy bob
  • Tousled wavy hair 
  • Sculpted waves with a side part
  • Choppy bob
  • Long wavy hair with a middle part
  • Loose side bun with wavy flicks
  • Shoulder length wavy highlights


7 Captivating Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

1. Short wavy bob

The short wavy bob is one of the easiest hairstyles with retro vibes. Top stylists unravel that a short bob works wonders for thick and wavy tresses. The small choppy layers add depth to your overall hairstyle, thereby making your manes appear voluminous. Furthermore, this hairdo accentuates the slim of your neck along with highlighting your facial features. Make sure to lightly comb the tips of your hair properly for extra voluminous waves. 

2. Tousled wavy hair

Did you know that tousled wavy hairdo is the perfect solution for someone with messy and thick tresses? Not only does this hairstyle strategically helps to minimize frizziness but also effortlessly brings out your facial features. What’s more, this hairdo is extremely low maintenance and fuss-free. The best part about the tousled waves is that it adds heaps of dimensions to your manes. 

3. Sculpted waves with a side part

Sculpted waves with a side part make a flattering combination to camouflage thick and frizzy waves. It adds dimension to your tresses, hence helping you create an Instagram-worthy look. Various experts share that adding highlights along with darker roots helps in giving an illusion of depth to your hairstyle -even the frizzy waves. Remember, if your waves could use a boost, you may apply a silicone-sulphate free conditioner.

4. Choppy bob

Diving headfirst into a choppy bob is unarguably an intriguing yet excellent choice for people with a fairly small face and thick wavy manes. Various specialists unfold that the choppy bob highlights your eyes while delivering a sharp edge to your jawline. The experts further elucidate that a choppy bob hairstyle combined with soft fringes lends a chic aesthetic to one’s overall personality. You can always upgrade your hairstyle by highlighting your manes with the colour of your liking. 

5. Long wavy hair with a middle part

Long wavy hair parted in the middle is one of the go-to classic and flattering hairstyles for thick hair. It is a fairly low maintenance hairdo that beautifully frames every face shape. Top celebrity hairstylists reveal that this hairdo adds volume on the top of your head while the soft angled bangs curtaining your face lends a subtle yet angelic look.

6. Loose side bun with wavy flicks 

Loose side bun with wavy flicks is an apt hairdo for formal occasions. It delivers a professional look while making you appear dapper and assertive. The flexibility of loose wavy flicks curtaining your face will help to subtly highlight the natural texture of your manes while making your facial features appear more prominent. 

7. Shoulder length wavy highlights

Ever heard of the phrase “hair flowing like a stream”? These shoulder-length wavy highlights will help you portray just that without weight your manes down. The easiest way to obtain is by cutting layers that begin in the middle and feather out the ends. This strategy lends extra volume and depth to your manes. You can always enhance your hair volume by keeping your manes hydrated and nourished. Various trichologists show that applying a silicone-sulphate conditioner will provide just the amount of hydration that your hair needs. 

 7 Captivating Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair


These hairstyles will bring a little more freshness to your everyday look while helping you conceal the unmanageable thick waves. But it is essential to understand that embracing your natural manes and pampering them will help you in the journey to attain your hair goals. While on the other hand, neglecting your hair concerns and needs may cause more harm than good. Last but not the least; we would urge you to enjoy your hairstyle to the fullest while making the right hair care choices.


Maintaining a good hair care regimen while staying consistent plays a huge role, chiefly when it comes to keeping up with your hair health. In addition, a proper hair care routine treats any frizziness disrupting your thick waves while delivering volume to your manes. Top trichologists recommend including hair mask in your weekly hair care regimen to maintain luscious and thick tresses. Comprised of deeply nourishing ingredients, a hair mask helps to soften your tresses. Various research studies confirm that hydrolysed pea protein and ceramides are some key ingredients that provide optimum hydration to your hair while restoring its elasticity.