7 Best Hairstyles For Balding Men

7 Best Hairstyles For Balding Men

Are you experiencing extreme hair loss or bald patches all over your scalp? Needless to say, balding is a common hair problem that is experienced by men all across the globe. Studies show that the majority of males experience baldness until later in life. However, if you are someone who is experiencing this hair problem in your early twenties, then panic not. We understand that the noticeable bald patches or receding hairline must have made you feel self-conscious. However, it is pivotal to understand that there are various ways that will help you to bald gracefully and confidently. Yes, you heard it right. So, without further delay, let us go over the incredible solutions assembled for you.


  • Short combover 
  • Messy side-part
  • Fade haircut
  • Buzzcut
  • Combover with razor fade
  • Military cut      
  • Short chopped with shaved cuts


7 Trendy Hairstyles For Balding Men

1. Short combover 

The short combover is a versatile hairstyle with a contemporary appeal. This hairstyle helps to give off an illusion of thick and voluminous manes on the top of your head. Adding a gel or a setting mousse to your comb-over will help to slick your hair strands to the back, thus lending a sophisticated yet retro-inspired vibe to your overall look. 

2.  Messy side-part

The messy side-part is a quirky, expressive and adventurous hairstyle. It adds a gist of cheekiness to your everyday look, therefore, making you appear youthful and confident. Furthermore, various stylists highly recommend this hairstyle as it easily helps to cover any bald patches while lending good volume to your manes. 

3. Fade haircut

Did you know that a fade haircut is a perfect solution for a balding crown? This haircut is widely followed and loved from all across the globe as it helps to camouflage any bald spots or patches without sacrificing on style. It helps you achieve a sleek yet retro style. The best method to enhance the volume of your manes is to keep your hair nourished. Religiously applying a silicone-sulphate conditioner will help to provide optimum hydration and depth to your hair. 

4. Buzzcut

This hairstyle is low maintenance and fuss-free that helps to enhance your facial features. It especially makes your jawline appear more prominent. Furthermore, buzzcut hairstyle lends an intense yet laid back vibe to your personality. Top hairstylists unravel that this hairstyle for balding men is one length all over that helps to cover any thinning of hair strands. It is imperative to acknowledge that a buzzcut is especially a go-to and an apposite hairstyle for someone who is experiencing extreme hair loss or thinning.

5. Combover with razor fade

A combover hairstyle with razor fade effect is an apt hairstyle for formal occasions. It helps you to achieve a professional look while making you appear well-groomed and confident. Moreover, various stylists explain that this formal hairstyle discreetly cover-up the receding hairlines. For lasting results, always make sure to apply a light gel to keep your manes in place. What’s more, you can always try a full beard look to go along with this hairstyle. This classic duo of full beard and combover will help you attain a formal yet edgy vibe.

6. Military cut      

Getting a military haircut is a great way to camouflage thin hair. It helps to divert attention from receding hairline by focusing on the geometry of the haircut.  In addition, this sleek haircut helps to highlight your facial features thereby lending an effortlessly fashionable and confident vibe.

7. Short chopped with shaved cuts

Short chopped hairstyles with shaved cuts are one among many haircuts of Jason Statham’s that has been highly admired and widely followed. It is an extremely easy and low maintenance hairstyle. Moreover, it is a go-to haircut for someone who is dealing with a receding hairline or balding patches in the back of the scalp. The best way to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle is by going clean-shaven. This not only makes your haircut look sleek and classy but also helps to enhance your facial features. 


7 Best Hairstyles For Balding Men


Following certain tips to maintain your balding hair and haircuts helps to ensure satisfactory results. When your manes start to become comparatively thin, it is wise to look after your length instead of automatically abandoning them. Make sure to provide optimum hydration to your hair follicles and hair strands. Apart from that, following a hair care regimen religiously will help you achieve your hair goals. It is also wise to keep in mind that your entire look isn’t just defined by your manes or lack thereof. Which is why you should consider bringing personality into play by staying true to yourself. Last but not the least, instead of feeling anxious about your balding head, thrive to be confident-selves – from your scalp to your self-esteem. 


Various studies show that Aesculus hippocastanum Seed Extract and Diamino-pyrimidine oxide are key ingredients that help to fight against extreme hair loss and balding head. These ingredients improve the blood circulation of your scalp, therefore, resulting in hair growth. In addition, it controls hair fall while strengthening your manes from the roots. Top trichologists explain that these ingredients visibly increase the thickness of your manes, thus helping you achieve your hair goals. 

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