Top 9 Flattering Haircuts For Thick And Frizzy Hair

Top 9 Flattering Haircuts For Thick And Frizzy Hair


Have you constantly been struggling with thick and frizzy hair? Thick hair might be a blessing in disguise; however, taming the frizziness into submission is a chore, to say the least. It not only affects your appearance but also makes you self-conscious. No matter how much effort you put into your tresses every morning, they turn out as bed hair. From using various kinds of hair products to blow-drying constantly in order to achieve a decent hairstyle every morning tends to make its condition even worse. A study conducted by the International Journal of Trichology explains that styling tools, applying wrong products, brushing wet hair etc., tends to make your hair turn frizzy. Needless to say, we understand your frustration. It is why we have found a perfect solution for your constant struggle. 


  • Birkin bangs
  • Stacked bob
  • Grown-out pixie cut
  • Hollywood waves
  • Blunt bangs
  • Soft layers
  • Side-parted shoulder cut
  • Face-framing bangs
  • Long wavy layers

 Flattering Haircuts For Thick And Frizzy Hair

1. Birkin bangs 

If you wish to achieve classy yet cool hairstyle, then Birkin bangs is just the solution for you. These bangs take note from icon Jane Birkin. The soft fringes cascading down your forehead helps to conceal the frizziness of your hair. Furthermore, it helps to bring focus on your facial features, thereby lending you a soft yet cool vibe.

2. Stacked bob

Stacked bob will help you rock a sporty look. The stacked layers at the back of your hair help to provide texture and shape while enhancing the bounce. The jawline grazing length of this haircut helps to highlight the slim of your neck, thereby diverting attention from any frizziness. 

3. Grown-out pixie cut

The grown-out pixie cut is a tapered pixie paired with a long side bang. It adds volume on the top of your head while the angled bang allows you to experiment with various hair textures. It helps to minimize your hair frizziness without weighing down the thickness or volume of your tresses. 

4. Hollywood wave

Hollywood wave is a go-to classic and elegant hairstyle for thick and frizzy hair.  It gives off an impression of seal-like shine. Celebrity hairstylists explain that this haircut allows plenty of movement and volume to your tresses without them appear frizzy or untamable. What’s more, it is one of the easiest and time-saving hairstyles for formal occasion or evening get-togethers. 

5. Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs work extremely well on thick and frizzy manes. The soft caress of those blunt layers carpeting your forehead helps to direct attention to your facial features. Apart from that, various stylists enclose that these bangs work best for people with oval face cut. 

6. Soft layers

If you are someone who detests fussing over your hair every morning then soft layers are your go-to hairstyle. Working in some loose and deconstructed layers is an easily achievable hairstyle. Many stylists unravel that soft layers direct your manes from appearing shapeless or frizzy while lending you with a subtle yet angelic look.

7. Side-parted shoulder cut

This haircut helps you to achieve a sleek and elegant look. It plays up the thickness of your manes without making them appear weighed down. The parting of your tresses to one side combined with a shoulder-length cut makes your jawline appear sharp. Moreover, the heavy side-part gives an asymmetrical look to your manes that camouflages the frizziness, thereby making your tresses appear classy. 

8. Face-framing bangs

It is a low maintenance hair cut that beautifully frames every face cut. The framing bangs provide a definition to your face that emphasizes your facial features and makes them appear prominent. This hair cut is easily achievable without sacrificing too much your hair. In addition, it will work beautifully with every length and texture. 

9. Long wavy layers

Long wavy layers are easily achievable, time-saving, and crowd-pleasing hairstyle. Many hairstylists explain that this layering lightens up and masks the thickness and frizziness of your manes without making them appear flat or dry. With a full head of hair, these wavy and long layers add dimension to your face.


Top 9 Flattering Haircuts For Thick And Frizzy Hair


Needless to say, these haircuts will certainly help you tame your frizzy and thick hair while lending a contemporary look. However, it is wise to acknowledge that your hair texture, facial features, the shape of your face etc., plays a huge role in choosing an appropriate haircut. It assists you by lending a clear idea of what will suit best. Aside from that, choosing a well-known and trustworthy hairstylist will also save you from some hair disasters while helping you achieve the desired look.


Looking after you tresses is just as imperative as choosing an appropriate hair cut. Many trichologists ensure that hair masks helps to treat frizzy and thick hair. Comprised of deeply nourishing ingredients, a hair mask helps to soften your hair strands while minimizing any frizziness. Hydrolysed pea protein and ceramides are some key ingredients that provide optimum hydration to your hair while restoring its elasticity.