How To Get Rid Of Dark Patches Around The Mouth?

How To Get Rid Of Dark Patches Around The Mouth? How To Get Rid Of Dark Patches Around Mouth?

How To Get Rid Of Dark Patches Around The Mouth?

Time heals the wound, but can it heal the emotional pain? Dark patches around the mouth are a common skin concern, which can affect any skin type. Many studies reveal that overproduction of melanin in the skin is the primary cause of pigmentation. Pigmentation and dark patches around the mouth not only make your skin extremely sensitive to environmental stress but greatly affect your self-image. Dealing with this skin concern might come across as a dilemma for you. However, with great care proper routine, and an insightful approach you can achieve your skin goals and boost your self-esteem. 

Why is the skin around my mouth dark?

Various studies explain that hyperpigmentation occurs due to melanin imbalance. Long story short, when your skin starts producing more skin pigment, known as melanin, some parts of your skin appear darker. Some common types of hyperpigmentation are melasma, sunspot, and freckles.

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Smoking 
  • Vitamin deficiency

1. Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be one of the main reasons behind dark patches around the mouth. When your body starts producing excessive melanin, the skin gets darker in some areas. Sometimes when acne or burning marks heal, it leaves a dark spot behind which further leads to discoloration and uneven skin tone.

2. Sun damage

Unprotected sun exposure can elevate the production of melanin in your body resulting in discoloration and dark patches on the cheeks and forehead and dark skin around the mouth. Moreover, constant unprotected sun exposure is also known to cause sunburn and several other woes.

3. Smoking  

Smoking can be another reason for damaged skin as it contains nicotine and benzopyrene, the two ingredients, which are responsible for increasing melanin production in the skin and lead to discoloration around the mouth.

4. Vitamin deficiency

The deficiency of vitamin B12 and vitamin D can also cause skin pigmentation. According to the study published in 2018, deficiency of vitamin D was noticed in people with melasma. This insufficiency mainly takes place when you avoid sunlight for a long period. Hence

Tips to get rid of darkness around the mouth?

  • Skin nourishing creams
  • Laser treatment
  • Sunscreen 
  • Incorporate vitamin c serum
  • Natural remedies
    How to get rid of dark patches around the mouth?

1. Skin nourishing creams

To get rid of dark skin around the mouth, incorporate skin nourishing creams that comprise ingredients like Niacinamide, and Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit/ Leaf Extract are found quite beneficial.

2. Laser treatment

Laser treatment, like Fraxel, helps in regenerating collagen and elastin for the skin. It works effectively for treating dark spots and discoloration. Though it is the most expensive method of treating discoloration that is not permanent. It always depends upon your skincare habits after treatment.

3. Sunscreen 

Various studies show that applying sunscreen not only protects your skin from sunburn but also helps to prevent UV rays from worsening pigmentation on your skin. It is advised to use broad-spectrum sunscreen containing zinc oxide and titanium oxide to get optimum protection against UV rays.

4. Incorporate Vitamin C serum

As per skincare experts, incorporating  Vitamin C serum into your daily skin care routine is an effective way to get rid of hyperpigmentation and attain clear skin.  Vitamin C serums contain a high concentration of vitamin C derivatives along with other antioxidant ingredients that restore melanin imbalance to remove pigmentation around the mouth area. In addition, it reverses free radical damage and boosts collagen production to give you flawless, radiant, and younger-looking skin.

5. Natural remedies

Papaya and turmeric powder are some of the powerful ingredients that help in treating pigmentation and dark patches around the mouth effectively. A recent study elaborates that papaya is rich in vitamin C that balances melanin present in your skin while helping your attain natural radiance. Similarly, turmeric is yet another star ingredient which contains antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties to enhance your natural skin.


How To Get Rid Of Dark Patches Around The Mouth?

Making yourself accustomed to new and healthy habits while looking for proper treatments and products can certainly help you treat the pigmentation around your mouth. However, staying consistent and avoiding negligence are some of the common yet mostly avoided skin care mantras. Doing these mistake can take you a long way towards achieving your skincare goals while treating and preventing any skin concerns.


Regular desquamation with a mild exfoliator removes dead skin cells from the face and helps in lightening up the darkened area around the mouth. It is advised to use chemical exfoliation such as AHAs that gently remove dead skin cells without scraping the skin and maintain hydration while rendering bright-looking skin. 



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